An Impulsive Escape (part 1)

I tend to go on a holiday a few times in a year, as I love travelling and exploring new places, although this year with all the leg problems I have experienced I wasn’t sure if I would get away so much in 2016. I had been researching a getaway to Mallorca though, as I’d never been there before, and getting increasingly fed up at work I decided I just had to get away from it all… so on 3rd June I booked my flight, hotel, and car hire, and a week later I was at Belfast airport at a nice, civilised hour on a Friday morning. Usually I find airport food rubbish, but I actually had a lovely breakfast there of pancakes, fruit compote, Me at hotelmaple syrup, and bacon… and four hours later I was landing in Mallorca to a lovely hot and sunny afternoon and, after picking up my hire car, had a relaxing afternoon driving around a few of the little towns on a round about way to my hotel, the Maritim Hotel Galatzo, on the outskirts of Peguera. I was very lucky to get a late deal on the hotel, with 47% off the usual price (partly due to being a ‘Genius’, and once I had checked in (and been given a glass of Cava) I soon realised I had made a great choice – my room was very spacious, with an enormous bathroom, accommodated in sympathetically designed villa-style buildings, the grounds are beautiful and promote relaxation with two lovely pools (selfie of me sitting at one) and large grassy areas and flowers, with a super view (see below) beyond over the resort of Santa Ponca. As I was a bit tired after the travelling, I ate at the buffet restaurant – the hot food wasn’t very hot, but there were loads of options to choose from, and it was generally tasty; unsurprisingly I was a bit of a piglet at the dessert section!!


I woke up the next morning to sunny skies and, after a plentiful buffet breakfast, headed out on my first full day of exploring. I decided to do a driving loop along the north-west coast, although it ended up being more tadpole-shaped! By the time I set off it had got very hazy, and I made some stops for photos but they didn’t come out very bright, but by early afternoon, after a tiresome loop down to the large town of Soller stuck in a wagon train of cars behind a bus that obstructed traffic on frequent occasions, I took a very twisty road down to a small coastal village called Port des Canonge (see below photo) from where I did a lovely there-and-back walk along the coast for a while. Then I returned to my hotel back along the road I had come and had a half hour chill by the pool before bathing, changing, and venturing into Peguera for dinner… which was a very tiresome experience, because the one way system was a nightmare to navigate and I couldn’t find a number of restaurants that were recommended on Tripadvisor; being in Spain, I ended up at a German restaurant where I ate a Chinese starter of prawn-stuffed pancake rolls followed by a German schnitzel dish stuffed with Spanish ham and cheese… all cooked by what turned out to be an oriental chef.


The next day the weather was not so good in the morning, patchy sun though still very warm, and so in the morning I decided to visit Alfabia Gardens to the south of Soller to see how Spain to big formal gardens. After less than an hour I had seen all that I wanted to, and have to say it was a little disappointing – lots of patches of bare earth where flowers or shrubs should have been, an automated avenue of fountains (press a button and the water P1070809spouted out of numerous holes) which I found a bit pointless and wasteful, and rather small in area overall… though there was some nice colour in parts. With plenty of time left in the day and still quite a cloudy sky I hurtled eastwards to some caves, which my friend Kirsty had mentioned (from a visit years ago) and that I had read about; I figured that they would be a good attraction if sun was not going to arrive in large quantities. Owing to the compactness of the island and a good set of motorways I arrived at the Caves of Drach in about an hour and after a short wait in a queue we descended into the ground, surprised to see the sea visible only a couple of hundred metres away… and soon we were in another world, ambling slowly from one Drach 2chamber of mind-blowing stalactites and stalagmites to another; I was amazed just how far down into some of the caverns we were able to view, with pools of water at the bottom of some. Eventually we got to a darkened lake and took seats in a small area of elevated benches… and so began the most magical experience of my holiday… for from the distance silently emerged three illuminated rowing boats drifting ever so slowly towards us, one of them carrying four classical musicians playing Pachelbel’s Canon – now I hear this piece rather overplayed on the radio and find it a rather dull and monotonous piece, but in this environment I saw it in a whole new light, and their rendition of it was delightful. As the piece ended the boats had drifted past and parked themselves at the far end of the lake, at which point they played another three pieces of well-known music, the final one begun as their boat slowly returned from where it had come, the piece ending just as the last glimpse of their boat disappeared from view. After much applause, we had the opportunity to climb aboard one of the other rowing boats, which I did… and soon began to feel rather seasick from a lot of rocking of the boat as we all got on – we were ferried to the other end of the lake, at which point having alighted we slowly climbed through the last of the cave chambers to the surface again… to lovely warm sunshine. With a little time left before time dictated returning to my hotel I feetambled in my car down the coast, and decided I’d have a little paddle in the sea, and found a nice little beach that was not too busy… and my feet enjoyed a nice cool down in a moderately cold sea, looking as they have never done so in the sea before. After chilling at the pool of my hotel I went out for dinner in Peguera again and, this time, I went straight to a restaurant that I had past the night before… although it took a while to find a parking space in the twisty streets. I had my dinner in a restaurant called Feliciano’s, rated number one on Tripadvisor for the town… and I soon found out why it was so highly-rated, despite the Italian-sounding name of the establishment the food was very varied in style and I had a seafood soup as a starter (with lots of pieces of lovely mixed seafood in it), a main of duck with blueberry sauce (well cooked, though a slightly odd combination), followed by the best tiramisu I have eaten in my life – rich, and quite alcholic I think! A good way to end the day… and the first part of my adventure recollection…

Drach 1

2 thoughts on “An Impulsive Escape (part 1)

  1. Sounds absolutely idyllic. So glad I didn’t lead you astray with the Caves of Drach, I remember the musical show although when I was there it was just a recording not live musicians. I love the shot of painted toe nails in the sea too!

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