Week 29 As a Full-time Woman – Abroad As Andrea For The First Time….. With Mixed Emotions

17th August

Yet another day with a sore throat 😦 For work I wore a smart but, as it turned out, quite short dress, so although I didn’t think I would ever do it, I did in fact spend several moments pulling the hem of my dress down to avoid anyone trying to look at my knickers! I had a nice lunch with Liesa, who liked my dress, and we c had a good catch-up over some enjoyable pasta. On the way to the  train I passed a guy on the street who, I think, said “Hmm, very nice!” (probably the short dress)…. and then made the type of noise one night make to attract the attention of a horse to eat some grass! Hmm…

18th August

It was a lovely summery day…. which obviously attracted a lot of day trippers, as I had to stand all the way to Dublin again, for over 70 minutes. I was wearing a retro, flowery dress which Audrey and Agatha at work both said was very pretty; I had a fab chat with Audrey who, as usual, is full of good advice. Later I had an email from my brother, it seems he had just forgotten to email back… though I know he is making no progress with coming to terms with me now being his sister.

21st August 

I was very busy with work for the rest of the week as Pat, my PM, was off. On Friday I had a farewell breakfast with a guy who has worked with me for over 18 months, he has always been SO obliging, and a really nice guy. Once home, early for the only time that week, I picked up a clothes order, then went to the pharmacy at Boots as my throat was still aggravated by my flu bug, really not good with an imminent holiday – the lady pharmacist was lovely,said there have been loads of people in with the same vital infection, and prescribed a throat spray – dozy mare that I am, I left my clothing order there, and she rang me (as my number was on the little parcel), to tell me. I got home at a reasonable time…. but spent ages finishing off my packing for my first holiday abroad as the real me, as Andrea!

22nd August 

I was up at 4.00am!!! Not good as I’m not a morning person, but I got to the airport in reasonable time for the first flight of the day. Going to security, staff directed me to a less busy queue saying “Probably best this way, miss” and going through security wirh my hand bag and stuff in a tray he said “are these your only liquids ma’am?” which I confirmed, then he said “anything in your pockets?” and for the first time ever I was able to say “I don’t have any pockets! ” as I was wearing jeggings. For the first time in am airport I enjoyed uninhibited perfune browsing, with one woman giving me several samples and two others offering to help “madam”. At 8.00 I went through gate security, showing my new, female passport for the first time ever, and flew to Stansted where, after collecting my bag, had a late breakfast at a Costa, with the server madam-ing me several times. At 1.00pm, after a hectic experience through security and a crowded duty-free, I left the UK on my second flight, this time to Llubjana, the capital of Slovenia, where I was met by a travel rep who guided me to a minibus that took a few of us to a mountain resort called Kransjka Gora, with beautiful scenery along the way; I spoke to the friendly driver a few times, who was thankfully able to understand my quiet voice. Once at my little hotel I was warmly greeted by the owners of Pension Milka, Frank and Maggie, and was shown to my room, the view from which is shown below. After hanging up my dresses and a few other things I went for a little walk around the lake…. and almost cried, scarcely able to believe that I am here, as Andrea, on a summer holiday abroad, encountering no problems at all with my travels…. only 18 months after properly venturing out of my house for the first time as Andrea. With the weather warm and sunny I dined al fresco on the terrace, soaking up the views.

23rd August 

After breakfast I went to the holiday company welcome meeting, with about 25 other people, and were taken around the village and given useful tips. One stop I found very amusing, the girl was pointing out health facilities, and said “Behind you is the pharmacy, opposite is the doctor where I can make an appointment for you if you are sick, and for more serious complaints on the other side of the road is the village cemetery”! In the afternoon I went for a forest walk to an impressive waterfall, and back along a river – at some points during the walk I was gleeful  that I was here, as me, at other times I was sad that I was here in my own, as this is the first summer holiday I have ever had on my own. But, overall, life is good, I am happy, and seem to be fitting in with surprisingly little bother.


2 thoughts on “Week 29 As a Full-time Woman – Abroad As Andrea For The First Time….. With Mixed Emotions

  1. Your post is beautiful! It seems as though every one of your posts are beautifully written and from your heart. I very much enjoy your posts.While reading your posts I feel as though i am having coffee with a very dear friend.

  2. It takes a lot of courage to holiday solo under any circumstances, Andrea – so I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you’ve taken the plunge and given your new passport its first outing! From personal experience, I know there’s a special joy about that feeling of independence and being able to please oneself that’s hard to describe. I hope you’re having a brilliant time! 🙂

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