Full-time Life As A Woman – Week 15… including a chocolaty Thursday

This was quite a short, and easy, week, with something to look forward to at the end of it spurring me on… as well as the office-tranquility due to the absence of my boss as well as the dinosaurs from the software company who are usually on-site; I was still pretty busy at work though.

Monday 11th May – nothing of note at all that I can remember… probably because I had such a poor night of sleep that I was only half awake for some of it.

Tuesday 12th May – lunch was the highlight of the day really with two little encounters. I walked over to the main office building to get a wrap and as I went to go for the door into the main concourse on the ground floor a guy was coming through, but then he smiled, stepped back and to the side, and said ‘please…’ to beckon me past; don’t ya just love guys who like to treat you like a lady. Once I had got my lunch I saw a girl called Claire, who I have known for some time, and she said “Hi Andrea, you look great!” Later on I got a Linked-In message from a guy who used to work for me (well, the one who is consigned to history rather than the real-me), it was short and sweet and said “Hi Andrea, looking good! Hope everything is going great for you!”; that was really nice of him to make the effort to send that.

Wednesday 13th May – had a total wardrobe catastrophe while getting ready and got myself so worked up that I almost tore off the dress I was wearing, as it had a low neck and was showing my boobs (which are not real yet) and every effort to hide them looked wrong! But eventually a thought crossed my mind and I put a full-cup bra on, and all was well… as my work-buddy Nuala confirmed when I got to the office, as she said I looked pretty and summery. I had no lunch break, as I had to meet a systems auditor for a long meeting – he is quite an old guy, I think he is from Germany… and I really quite like him, he had met me once before, quite a while ago… but he said “nice to meet you” when I went into his temporary office, and then when we went to another PC in the building to check a few things he held open all of the doors for me. I managed to leave the office to get my earlier train and, as is usual when I have a few minutes to spare at the station, I pop to the ladies to check my hair and make-up… and I appear to be making a new friend there, the cleaning lady! The previous time I saw her, she came up to me and had a bit of a moan about the way some women leave the toilets after she has just cleaned them, this time she greeted me very cheerfully and we talked mostly about the weather; she said “god bless” to me when I said goodbye. On the train, 15 minutes before arriving at my stop, I did my walking-woman transformation in the toilet… and then once at Newry I put on my walking boots and drove to the next walk with my group, at Redburn Country Park east of Belfast – it was a beautifully sunny evening and we had a lovely walk amongst carpets of bluebells; I had a lovely long chat with a lady called Nuala… who, by the time I had got home, said on Meetup that it was good to see me.

Thursday 14th May – when I got to work I saw Natalie, back after quite a number of days off, and I think everyone thought she had been on holidays… but she had actually been knocked off her bike by a taxi and had been badly bruised and sprained, so she had one arm in a sling and the other in a support bandage; I felt really sorry for her, and tried to sympathise a lot, and decided I would buy her some chocolates later on. As usual, I had a good amount of friendly chat with my work-neighbour Nuala who said my top was really pretty… which I was glad about as I had got it online in a sale and I love it. A bit later on Nuala and I were chatting in the kitchen as we made tea, and when we got back to our desks she took a box of Ferroro Rocher chocolates out of her bag and gave them to me, and said “these are for you to eat on the boat”  – isn’t that SOOOO nice!!! I was filled with tears at her kind and friendly gesture. At lunchtime I looked in a few shops for chocolates, as well as sandwich, and eventually found something suitable; back in the office, Natalie was not at her desk and so I wrote a note on the box saying “Hope you recover soon” and put the chocolates on her desk – a while later she came back and found them, and then came over and said I was mad for getting them, but said “thank you so much”; a few minutes later I got an email thanking me again, and saying that I am “so sweet” (awww)… and something else, and that they put a smile on her face… so my latest mission to cheer some up seemed to work.

And that’s about it, another week with some lovely, nice high points, but generally just normal activity… with nice people. Today I got home early… and soon will be welcoming my best friend Kirsty to stay the night, for tomorrow we begin our latest adventure! Better finish packing!!!


4 thoughts on “Full-time Life As A Woman – Week 15… including a chocolaty Thursday

  1. Another excellent week and lovely account of your now normal self. Reading about your dress frustrations I know just what you mean. That is why I avoid low cut necks. Wishing you and Kirsty (who I read is polishing off your good red wine) a really great trip. And do keep me posted on your adventures. 😃😃

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