Full-time living as a woman – Week 14… including some positive health appointments

Tuesday 5th – a fairly ordinary working day… though I had a really nice chat with Audrey, who complimented my dress, as well as a chat with Gerry, the leader of the work’s walking club, who said he will get me out walking one of these days… and indeed he will if it EVER stops raining for more than five minutes!

Wednesday 6th – before I got to work I popped into a nearby Spar to get a scone for breakfast. As I was about to exit a retired guy and his wife were entering – the woman walked on in, but the guy stepped aside at the entrance and let me out with a nice smile; what a gentleman! At work I caught up with Liesa and had a nice chat about our weekends… including an alternative wedding show that she had gone to… some of which sounded a bit extreme. At lunchtime I ended up walking to a nearby M&S Food with Fiona, and had a nice chat with her… though alas we spent so long choosing lunch and then something for her dinner that it was pouring with rain on the walk back to the office. Two guys from a software company were on-site to provide assistance, one of who had not met the new-me… but I had some chat with them and all was just as normal as ever. Alas I had to work late, and so no outing for supper with either of my friends was possible.

Thursday 7th – a day off work for medical appointments, the first of the day to one of the hospitals in Belfast I have not been to before, for facial hair removal tests. My mood was all over the place as I got ready to go, because I had had to leave my facial hair since Tuesday and not wear any makeup apart from on my eyes; I also wore my backup hair rather than that which I normally wear, in case the hair-removal equipment fried my hair. I wrapped a floaty scarf around my head to hide as much of the facial hair and then headed off, feeling very tense… but the appointment went well, the two nurses were very nice, and the hair removal equipment very high-tech – a space-age looking IPL device compared to the one I had been treated by before, and a laser device with a vacuum cleaner-type affair surrounding it. One nurse went through an assortment of information with me, and then asked if I was on hormones – when I said ‘not yet’ she said that the hair removal would be much more effective if I was on hormones… which got me rather annoyed with my therapist who seems to have been dragging her heels with my hormones. The treatment was efficient, and not any more painful than the IPL I have previously experienced; I left with two red patches of skin, and charred raised hairs on the laser patch. I returned home, exhausted, and had lunch, made up the rest of my face part from the treated patches, and went to bed for an hour… and then off again to my next Gender Clinic appointment. My therapist was prompt, and after complimenting me on my appearance we had a long update chat, the highlight of which of course (as per previous posts) I was able to tell her how well the visit of my parents went… and, as usual, I got all teary-eyed as I imparted the detail. We then talked about treatments and appointments, she went through questionnaires I had filled in which she said I had obviously thought a lot about, where I said that one advantage of going on hormones was that it would finally be recognised that I was on Real Life Experience, as two years of RLE are required before I can be considered for Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS)… except that she corrected me and said that this can be considered after only one year!! That made me really excited because even quite recently I have known people who have had to wait the two years. So I left feeling quite happy, with the expectation that I may be on hormones in three months… though, as with everything, there are waiting lists for appointments required before that can start.

Friday 8th – what a miserably wet day it was today… but there were some good moments. Shortly after I arrived at the office, I was chatting about work with my PM when Breda came up, and mouthed “look at you” with a warm smile before commencing a work chat. I had lunch out with a colleague called Kenny, who I have lunched with once before (soon after I started my new life) – we went to a Japanese outlet and both got bento boxes, followed by a coffee and cake at a coffee shop; the outing was very nice, with some good chat with him, as well as actually spending a significant break away from the office just for once.

So, a fairly quiet working week… with an exhausting appointment day that was overall rather positive.


3 thoughts on “Full-time living as a woman – Week 14… including some positive health appointments

  1. Could be on hormones in 3 months!! You really must be so excited about that potential prospect. I did not realise either that it did not have to be two years of what they term real life experience. You do not hang around girl. Wonderful news indeed.

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