Full-time life as a woman – Week 10… including historical house hunting

Wow, I am now into double digits in terms of my new life living as a woman, and in fact as I write I am into week 11. It has been a short working week owing to Easter… but it has felt long, partly due to having to get up at 5.50am two mornings in order to get a seat on the train, and also due to my boss’s insensitivity.

  • Tuesday – the train to work was packed with families on Easter holiday days out… and so I had to sit on the floor all the way to work. During the day I caught up with quite a few ladies that I am friendly with, including Mary who said my new H&M blouse was very nice.
  • Wednesday – I felt wrecked by the time I got to work, I had woken at 4.00am with my hand realAndrea at Hills. lakely sore and swollen, and Fiona and Natalie both said it looked bad… so I went to a pharmacist who reckoned it is an allergic reaction to either a plant or insect sting, and gave me some cream; personally I think it is a strain, I don’t consider it can be broken as I have not banged it into anything, even if I annoy myself by being rather a clumsy cow. I had a chat with Fiona about weddings and eye make-up… and something top secret that she had not told anyone else – it is nice to be trusted… so I can’t tell you! On the busy train home I chatted for 50 minutes to the woman sitting next to me, who said it was nice to meet me when she got off. It was a lovely evening weather-wise so after a quick Tesco-stop I drove to Hillsborough Lake and walked around it… pausing for a selfie in my new Oasis dress. Then I met up with my two friends for a coffee, sandwich, and huge crème-egg muffin at Ground in Next.
  • Thursday – several people were nice enough to ask about my hand, including the girl on reception who has not chatted to me much before. Other than that, a pretty normal day.
  • Friday was overshadowed by my boss once again slipping up in respect of my life-change; this time he phoned me on my work mobile and a few minutes into the conversation he called me by my old, male name! My heart sank to the floor L After a second or two he corrected himself, but there was no apology… but I have regularly thought his level of manners are unsatisfactory. The main purpose of the call was that he has assigned two people for me to manage, one of them is Fiona and I hope that it won’t mean that she is any less friendly to me, I enjoy all of the chat with her and I don’t want her to think of me any differently but just someone who can help her with her career and any work issues. Liesa came over to me with some samples for her wedding invitation envelopes, it was nice that she sought my opinion over her wonderful creative efforts.
  • Saturday – quite a few weeks ago I invited my friend Michelle to stay one Saturday night… and owing to a fortuitous turn of events it turned out to quite suddenly be the weekend just gone. We met at 1.15pm in Sprucefield shopping centre, and as Michelle had been on the go for some hours we decided on a bite to eat; she had sandwiches, while I ordered a tea cake which was whisked off to be toasted. We sat with our hot drinks and took off coats; Michelle was looking well, in a nice red top which suited her in colour and style – I can never decided whether most reds really suit me, apart from the M&S cardigan I wore that day. Out at the car park we transferred to Michelle’s car a??????????nd headed off to visit a National Trust property, a historical old house and gardens, called The Argory near Moy. We arrived at the car park and a girl in a Woolie hat emerged from a shed – she asked if we were members and I said that I was, she asked if it was a family membership and I said it was a one-adult card, then she looked at Michelle and said “Ah, I think you look under 12”! We laughed, then she went off to get us a map and returned saying “There you are ladies” and gave us directions. We had a very pleasant walk around the gardens as the sun was out, and then got tickets for a tour of the house, only having to wait for five minutes. The tour of several rooms was very interesting, including a sumptuous ladies room which was so much more pleasant than the Gentleman’s billiards room; I asked one or two questions as we went. At the end of the tour one of the guides said “Thank you ladies” and we in turn thanked them. Upon leaving the house it was raining and we hurried for shelter, eventually to a book shop, until the shower was over, then had another garden walk before driving back to Lisburn. We got therePlough 11042015 with much time to spare, so I popped into Sainsburys… and got addressed as ‘madam’ over half a dozen times in the space of three minutes by a very cheery girl who I chatted with while returning a couple of clothing items. I hurriedly changed at support group HQ where my friends Kirsty and Michelle were. I enjoyed a delicious meal at The Plough with my friends, wearing the most expensive dress I have ever bought… and the boldest lipstick I have worn out too; the food was once again great as was the company, we were addressed as ‘ladies’ a number of times, and it was wonderful to not have to put up with obtrusive music. Once the meal was over Michelle followed me home for her overnight stay; we had a really good chat until gone 1.30am over a glass or three of wine, quite a bit of which was surprisingly, for me, about music.
  • Sunday – Michelle and I woke up quite early considering chatting into the early hours and, after showering and re-applying our faces, met in the kitchen at maybe 10.30. I cooked scrambled egg and, of course (see October posts), mushrooms… which she has thankfully survived. We poured through tourist brochures and after a while decided to visit another historical National Trust property, called Ardress House; this was 30-40 minutes from my home, the route passing through Tandraghee where my BFF and I had been only a week before. We had a little walk in the gardens before entering the house for an interesting tour – the guide was very informative, though it was slightly disappointing that much of the furniture was not an original feature of the house owing to a family auction many years ago; as a result we were also not allowed to take any photos inside. I asked a couple of questions of the guide and, in the bedroom we viewed, also had a little chat to another female visitor where we compared bed sizes to?????????? properties we had each visited in the past week. After the tour, Michelle popped to the ladies while I waited, nearly getting attacked by a chicken (which I batted away with my umbrella) who got impatient that I had not fed it. We had a walk around a longer path, though wet weather curtailed it in order to preserve our footwear, and then Michelle returned to my house where, after a cup of tea, we hugged and she left. I spent the rest of the day tidying my house and doing washing in preparation for the arrival of my parents… though the ironing pile grows sadly ever higher.

So, overall, a pretty good week, one where I was very pleased to be able to provide Michelle with the opportunity to actually live life as herself for the longest period in her life; please come again.


7 thoughts on “Full-time life as a woman – Week 10… including historical house hunting

  1. Andrea. Firstly thank you for one of the most memorable weekends of my life. I am still on an massive high and reverting back to Bob mode was quite depressing to say the least. I did not expect that change to affect me so much, but there you go. It did. Your ‘very’ expensive dress really did suit you and you know how I always say we each have a signiture style. Well it was very much yours. I was surprised at the depth of conversation over music we had, but dispite all the joking Kirsty and I do about it, you do love your music. Several drawers full of CDs lay testimony to that plus the quality sound system(s) and also thank you for introducing me to some very pleasing and relaxing music indeed. Of course I survived your cooking, why would’nt I and I was impressed by your jam making. All delicious. Finally thankyou for the complements on my red top.

    M x

  2. Oh, your poorly hand! Probably an allergic reaction to your boss… Hope it gets better soon.
    Good to read everything is still going well (boss notwithstanding), and that you’ve finally introduced Michelle to the delights of Bucks Fizz and the Bay City Rollers… 😉

  3. Your poor hand indeed! I hope the swelling goes down soon, it does look quite nasty.

    As for the boss, well he’s a prat isn’t he? (I may have said something stronger in real life 😃) . People who have known you for some time in you old identity will make slip-up from time to time and I think you need to accept that will happen, but to not apologise afterwards is unacceptable. It’s not the mistakes that matter, it’s how people deal with them that’s important.

    I’m delighted for you that everything still seems to be continuing to go so well with your transition, hand and boss notwithstanding.

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