How much??? Another high-spend weekend.

I am starting to wonder whether I should tell you the bank that I have my credit card with, because if you buy shares in the company then you will probably do very well in the near future! Well, you’d do better if I didn’t pay my credit card balance every month…

After the previous weekend I thought that I might have a low-spend weekend this time… but that did not work out at all. First on the agenda for Saturday was the next walk with my group… but when the alarm woke me at 7.55 I got out of bed and felt totally wrecked, and pushing aside the curtain to reveal very grey skies and heavy, showery rain, and my enthusiasm for going walking vanished, and so I went back to bed to awake three hours later, a little more refreshed.

I left the house at 1.00, armed with a voucher to save £6 if I spent more than £30 in my first port of call, Sainsburys – well, I figured that if I bought a pair of trousers that I had admired the previous time, along with a few groceries, I might just scrape past the £30 barrier… and so it was slightly surprising when I paid the rather handsome (too) young check-out guy to find I had spent three times as much!! I met my two friends at Lisburn and we headed into Belfast city, parking as usual at Castle Court with the intention of shopping together. I say ‘intention’ because within 5 minutes we has split up… and met again two hours later! Kirsty and Michelle headed to Debenhams while I popped to Superdrug… with the ‘intention’ of picking up a lip crayon… except that when I passed the threading ladies and saw that they did eyebrows for only £5 I just had to get mine sorted out, they were well overdue; I had to wait quite some time for my turn, and then the threading took a long time, but the results were lovely with thin, curvy brows more than ever before. Then on the way to Debenhams I got ambushed by a Bulgarian lady at a beauty products counter and ended up buying some Dead Sea exfoliating salt… which I suppose I didn’t need… but I did get if for half price, after haggling with her, but I felt I should buy something as I enjoyed the pampering as well as quite a few laughs between us, and my hands felt lovely after her ‘demo’. At this point I got a message from Kirsty saying that the two of them had got to a support group meet, and so I carried on shopping, eventually ending up at a specialist outdoors shop which I had intended going to for quite some time to kit myself out with a good Goretex walking coat with a good, peaked hood to keep heavier rain off my made-up face. After a few minutes of aimless browsing an obliging guy in his fifties came and helped me out, and I tried a couple of jackets on, while rejecting a few others on the basis of awful colours… and when I say ‘awful’, that is partly because they simply weren’t feminine enough… and thus just not moi. Then I was getting texts and calls from Kirsty hurrying me up, so I plumped for the more expensive option, a lovely raspberry pink coat… at £184! Gulp… even if it was £46 off.

Back at Lisburn, my friends changed into evening attire, though I could not be boandrea and kirsty at tony roma'sthered, I felt my day dress would be smart enough for our dining venue… and once there, where I saw one or two girls in similar attire (as well as a fair few looking dreadfully casual) then I knew I was right; kirsty was wearing her very latest purchase, a black dress with pink stripes down the side and a touch of in-fashion orange too. We ate at Tony Roma’s, a steak-house… which I was not sure about, as I eat very little red meat, but it turned out to be great – I had three steak medallions with different sauces, and the meat was cooked vecoffeery well; I also shared a tasty flatbread starter with Kirsty and finished off with a brownie (not as good as ‘what my BFF makes’) and a very ornate looking mocha… which turned out to be one of the best I have ever drunk. The waitress who served us was really nice and obliging, she even turned down the music for us when I complained about how close our table was to a speaker, and we all got ‘ladied’ twice when apologies were made, once for when our main courses arrived before out starter plates had been taken away and also when chairs were being moved about for a new table. Overall, a reasonable day considering how it started.

Sunday was a very quiet day at home, with a break from a number of things – a break from spending, a break from removing the dreaded facial-hair (which I applied foundation over the top of), etc… but I did some nice girlie things including experimenting with eye shadow colours, painting my ever-lengthening nails a new colour, and rearranging clothes to create more space… something which I am fast running out of.

3 thoughts on “How much??? Another high-spend weekend.

  1. I was thinking today just how useful your new coat would be what with the very heavy rain we were having.

    So you went out with the intention of saving £6 in Sainsbury and it all quickly went to pot after that on the spending front.

    Was really lovely to see you on Saturday especially knowing you were exhausted and a little under the weather. It was a truly magical day.

  2. It’s scary how our spending can balloon sometimes. While I’m still far behind you in the shopaholic stakes, I left home expecting some browsing, a cup of tea and a meal and came home with £160 added to my credit card bill. Great day out though 😃

  3. Never mind shares in your bank, Andrea, I’m going to invest in the shops..!! And your walk-in wardrobe is being delivered when…?? 😉
    Seriously, so glad you had such a lovely day out – and that’s a lovely photo.

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