Full-Time Life As A Woman – Week 7

I have a feeling that this wont be a very exciting blog post – I’m too tired after a long week to even think of an imaginative title for it! Considering I had a day off during the week, it’s been an awfully hard slog.

  • March 16th – Monday was a quiet day in the office, as many had taken the day off owing to the following day being a Bank Holiday in Ireland for St Patrick’s Day. Fiona was in though, so I could have some fun chat with her after the weekend… and show her my pierced ears, I was SO excited about them! Lunch time for once I had a good break, so I went shopping to a big Penney’s where Liesa at work had spotted cardigans in a style that I liked… and indeed there was a stand full of them in assorted colours, so I bought three… as well as a top and shoes, which I showed Fiona upon my return; Oisin came over but I think all the shopping chat got the better of him after a while and he said “I’ll leave you girls to it!” 😉 Later I was talking to Carol about how I don’t like clothes if the buttons on them have the holes and threads visible… and she said that’s a bit weird and I am very fussy! Once home I opened the post to find a European Health Card with my new name on it!
  • March 17th – a Bank holiday, and after a dreadful night of sleep Sunday night I decided to have a good lie-in and stay at home… which prompted an experiment. You see, I have finally been offered hair removal treatment with the NHS, with the first appointment (an assessment) occurring in early May, and the standard advice form that came with the appointment notice said I had to leave the hair grow for at least a week. AT LEAST A WEEK?!? Totally impractical for a full-time woman… and so that was the nature of the experiment, which was partly the reason for staying at home, I put my make-up on without shaving my face, just to see how it looked with only ONE day of hair growth… and it was obvious that the advice from NHS was ridiculous for me, as it took a shed load of foundation to cover the moderate whisker growth on my chin, and one or two other areas looked rather rough. I caught up with a few things around the house, including freeing up another drawer for my girlie clothes.
  • March 18th – back to work again to a busy office… and the opportunity for lots of catch up… and earring chat!! My PM Pat, a really nice guy who I wished I reported to for all things, said my earrings were nice, and several of the women I chatted to wereDublin Pig 2 very excited by this latest development in my new and wonderful life! I met Roz and Therese, ladies I had done work for a couple of years ago, for the first time as my true self – Roz said she would never have recognised me, and Therese said I looked great! Later I was handing out letters from the in-tray, including to Liesa who said “Are you playing postman?” – I said “Post woman… or post person”… but nobody says that, and it made me ponder with her how much of the English language is dominated by male-ness – Manager for example (a level of employment dominated alas by men… though I wonder whether that is partly because it strikes me that alpha males especially are so ridiculously pompous about impressing people with their career progress, whereas women are typically more interested in the welfare of other people), humankind, manhole, and so on. Once off the train I went to Tesco, and onto Boots where I stocked up on powder… and Plough CDwas upset when the ‘beauty assistant’ (who has known me since the start of this journey, including when I went in one time before I was confident enough to go out as my true self, for foundation advice) said “good man” to me as I handed her the goods. ‘Man’??? Excuse me… I am tempted to say something to her the next time I go in. Anyway, went on to the Plough for another fine meal with my two friends; Michelle even gave me a CD (which I hadn’t foreseen considering our generally different musical tastes), and I gave her and Kirsty my old clip on earrings, which I don’t intend to wear ever again.
  • March 19th – had a nightmare getting ready once most of my make up was on, I was very inefficient and almost ran out of time, and I got in such a state that I was almost in tears as I fretted; the new top that I had tried on the night before didn’t fit right once I had a cardy on, the camisole underneath it refused to remain centre-aligned, etc. I wasn’t happy with my wardrobe until about lunchtime, when I changed the camisole for a cotton version that I had brought with me, and ditched the cardy. I popped over to HQ to get lunch, and had a lovely chat with Ciaran, who is a manager of IT deskside support, he said I am “very brave”, that “we’re all really happy for you” and that I “look great”! How nice, huh! And, as observed by so many, he also said I look so happy… and went on to admit that before 2015 I was a bit of a misery; well, I know I was, and now everyone knows why. I had a nice chat with Audrey, who said she liked my earrings, before retuning to my office, passing the pig statues again. I had a lovely chat with Liesa, who said she really liked my top (which made me happy after the morning disaster), and then she brought over her prototype wedding invitations that she has made… and they are totally FAB!! She is really creative, and I was very impressed by what she had made.
  • March 20th – once at the office I was immediately in chat mode with Fiona… having a conversation about her spray-tan appointment the previous evening – why she had been embarrassed to mention it I don’t know (my daughter does it, albeit it herself with a tan mitt), and it looked very natural… and she gave an amusing tip to not go to such appointments while wearing deodorant, perfume, and so on… as one’s skin can end up looking temporarily green! I was pleased she liked my new plaid skirt, especially as it was in a sale in Tesco – she said I looked ‘comfortable but pretty’, which was nice to hear; later she actually asked me for an opinion on some photos of her mum in some dresses!! In the afternoon, after a negligible lunch, I had a nice catch up with busy-Natalie… and chat about my voice and appointments ended up with me reminiscing with her about my October-2014 trip where I won the Snow Queen competition; she asked if I had photos, and of course I did on my tablet, she said I looked so cute, was not surprised I won, and described me as a “skinny little bitch” which was a hilarious compliment. I was then on the phone to a guy who was producing a report for me… and alas he ended up using my old name, though he immediately corrected himself and apologised; early days for some people, I guess. I ended up in another conversation about clothes shopping with Fiona, and Pat asked “Do you like shopping?” What a daft question – I’m a girl, of course I like shopping!! Didn’t used to… but then that was because I was not able to shop for what I truly wanted, just spent endless occasions skirting women’s clothing departments, wishing I could explore and purchase without embarrassment… and now that I am naturally living as my true self then I can! I was talking about my ex- with Fiona and how our gender roles were reversed in our marriage, after her fiancé became late picking her up, and she said that she doesn’t like referring to my ex- as ‘her’… and I don’t either, that’s why I don’t talk about my ex- much (and why I always say ‘my ex-‘ without a gender reference) because I feel it hinders me being treated and seen as the woman that I want to be accepted as. Then I said I want to shop for a tennis outfit, except that I don’t have anyone to play tennis with, and Fiona admitted that her apartment block has a court to themselves, and she doesn’t have anyone to play with!!! So I may have found someone to play tennis with… and be able to justify that tennis kit after all!


4 thoughts on “Full-Time Life As A Woman – Week 7

  1. Not boring in the least.

    Such stupid advice and instruction from the NHS regarding your hair removal treatment are they trying to make you into the bearded lady in preparation for a role in a circus. What planet do rhey reside on?

    Hope you enjoy the cd.

    Thankyou for your wonderful company on Wed.

    M x

  2. Always interesting to read what you’ve been up to, Andrea – in a way the ‘ordinariness’ is reassuring and encouraging.
    Strange advice from the NHS clinic. On the one hand they expect you to go full-time to ‘prove’ yourself before any treatments are offered… and then on the other expect you to turn up looking more unkempt than many men! Is it electrolysis or IPL they’re offering?
    But, on the whole, onwards and upwards 🙂

  3. If you have a choice and you have pale “Norn Iron” skin and dark hair, get laser rather than electro. With laser it is best to be clean shaved.

    If you have to use electro then here is how I dealt with it. I had my shave on a Friday morning as normal and then let it grow Saturday and Sunday and took Monday and Tuesday off work. I then had a 2 hours session on Monday afternoon (above the jaw line) and a two hour session on Tuesday morning (below the jaw line). On Wednesday morning I shaved as normal, just very gently.

    Immediately after each session, put an ice pack on the area to take the heat out. This closes the pores (prevents infection) and reduces swelling and redness.

    By doing four sessions like this, I only had to do it once a month.

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