Dim Sum, Brownie Heaven… and a Treasure Hunt

The weekend of 7th/8th Feb my daughter was supposed to be over… but as she is struggling with the fact that her ‘dad’ is actually a woman (can’t imagine why) then she had other plans… and so I made my own weekend plans to live life to the full… something that is rather easy as a woman.

I had made an appointment with my hairdresser for Saturday lunchtime… though not for a hair appointment but to have lunch with him! Earlier in the week he had kindly said he would give me some shampoo samples the next time I was nearby… and when my suggestion of meeting up for lunch was taken up then of course I was available in the area! Paul suggested Dim Sum for lunch, something I had never tried but had wanted to for some time… and as I am now always keen to try new things I readily agreed. I was a bit disorganised in the morning and so only got to the car park behind the restaurant at our meet-up time of 1.00pm… but luckily Paul, who had been working at hisLee Garden salon in the morning, was a few minutes late too and caught up with me outside the restaurant, the Lee Garden in the Botanic area of Belfast, as I was texting my BF. We went in together, up to a table where Paul’s partner Qiang was already sitting; it turned out that he had already ordered the dim sum dishes while waiting for us, and as it turned out he had chosen well. I really enjoyed chatting with the two them, and the food was also superb and amazing value – I couldn’t tell you what most of the dishes were, as the menu was in Chinese, but it included prawn and pork dumplings and lovely huge juicy prawns in a kind of light batter. The main was a seafood medley noodle dish, slightly spicy but so delicious, all washed down with lashings of Chinese tea. Qiang left a bit before us to check out a charity book shop across the road… which was probably a good idea because, as usual, I spent a while in the ladies once we got up from the table. Qiang met us on the corner, looking happy with a couple of books he had picked up, and then I followed them in Paul’s car through a maze of streets to his salon so he could give me the shampoo. I waited in my car while he popped in, and he soon returned with a variety of samples, then kissed me goodbye on the cheek and I drove straight home to do a wee bit of cleaning before my guest arrived.

About 20 minutes later Kirsty knocked on the back door. She went for a quick loo stop while I put on my first ever white clothes wash with no male clothes in sight, then we headed straight out to an appointment in Newry she had made to choose a new, rather higher quality hair style. I will let Kirsty write in detail about it, but the time there was fun and the two ladies were very nice; the older one actually wore a wig herself, for health reasons, and that was quite reassuring for us when we went in to find that out. She had quite a cute wee dog called Molly, which she joked was the security guard. I was there to provide my opinion to different styles Kirsty tried on and, after about a half hour, the choice was made and paid for. The older lady commented on how lovely my lips were, and said “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but have you had botox treatment for them?” Well, uh, actually, no, they’re natural… and that is where the real compliment comes in, because they both seemed envious of my lips… which is SO nice for me considering that when I was growing up quite a few lads made fun of them and teased me about them being ‘full’. We had some nice chat as things wrapped up, and Kirsty left very happy… and looking SO much better. We crossed the road and quite soon a couple of lads who had come out of a bar passed us and said “Hi girls!”; I don’t know if we really knew what to make of the comment… but we are girls, and I will frankly take it on face value. Kirsty was due to cook dinner for us and so we went to Tesco and did a shop together, the first grocery shop in fact that I have done as Andrea but not on my own. The checkout girl had a very friendly face, although we didn’t say much with her beyond the essentials, and then drove home, where Kirsty was staying overnight.

Kirsty had said a while ago that she would cook the next time she came over, which was fine by me. After a cup of tea and a brownie, which shKirsty's Browniee had made the previous night (which was seriously good), and a bit of chat, she began cooking dinner while I looked after my washing and made a start tidying up my messy house. After around an hour dinner was ready and we settled down to eat – she had made a really lovely pork dish on a bed of cabbage with apple and balsamic vinegar (and some other ingredients I am sure)… accompanied by some mashed potato that, for some reason, had turned into gooey wallpaper paste. Our main course was good, but the best was yet to come – warm brownie with Tesco Finest vanilla ice cream, literally heaven on a plate (see left for the same dessert being consumed the day after, as I write). We listened to music during dinner preparation and eating then, after Kirsty viewed my movie collection (which I think she described as ‘mixed’), we watched Green Zone over wine and chat.

I had a great night of sleep for a change and the following morning, once awakened by an elephant stampeding anxiously to the bathroom, I got up, made myself a hot drink and, after half an hour of music and internet with cucumber slices over my lower eyelids (which alas have dark, puffy s??????????kin), I showered and got ready; alas Kirsty was ready first, primarily because I wanted to wear my back-up hair (in order to preserve my human hair for work) but had a temper tantrum with it over the fringe which refused to lie properly, and so resorted to my proper hair. Over breakfast Kirsty poured through tourist literature as we tried to decide what to do on a beautiful sunny day… and then she had the wonderful idea of going on a treasure trail; we settled on a murder-mystery type walking trail conveniently located at Hillsborough and after Little Miss Clumsy-Disorganised here had purchased and printed off the instructions we set off, parking at the side of the road beyond the top of Hillsborough main street. We headed together for the tourist office and our first clues… only to soon find that the office was actually closed! I suppose this is common sense considering the time of year, but it was a little disappointing, however we persevered and started solving subsequent clues to eliminate murder suspects and weapons by noting down details found on statues, churches, and the like. Now I have been through Hillsborough numerous times, and always fancied stopping because it really is one of the quaintest villages I recall seeing in Northern Ireland… and now was my opportunity. Our clues took us along all of the main streets of Hillsborough, and we really had immense fun. When I had got out of bed I felt like a girlie day in a dress and??????????, although in a thick skater day-dress with 80 denier tights and a short wintry coat, by the time we got to the Parish Church of St Malachy I was getting rather chilly. Our clues took us onward to Hillsborough fort and Hillsborough lake, and we ended up back on Main Street after our final clue… at which time a hot drink was overdue to try and defrost. We went into a lovely café called Humble Pie… where we both had warm apple pie and hot drinks; the lady owner was nice and friendly as she served us. After loo visits we left and popped into a clothes shop that I had seen earlier… but it was the most bizarre clothes shop I have been in, I joked it was like a village version of TK Maxx – although the shop windows had quite posh clothes on dummies, inside everything was randomly thrown onto rails totally overcrowding the shop, and we soon left and returned to our cars where, after a bit of chat, I reluctantly said goodbye to my BF.

I popped into Boots at Sprucefield to stock up on compact powder and bronzer (for some reason, my make up supplies are being exhausted rather quicker than ‘normal’), then headed onto the Bowstreet Mall where I did an amount of browsing but only bought a nice flowery overnight bag from BHS for only £15.

Once I had driven home I decided to wash my hair, which I had become totally paranoid about, but it was becoming too greasy and matted at the back for my liking. Once that was done I did a number of girlie things, including shoehorning into my new navy handbag all the things I would need for work the next day, and then painting my nails a new, very pretty deep pink.

So, another wonderful, girlie weekend… much of which in the lovely company of my BF Kirsty.

Thanks for reading, hope you have all had a lovely weekend yourselves.


7 thoughts on “Dim Sum, Brownie Heaven… and a Treasure Hunt

  1. I had so much fun the last couple of days. Sorry about the potatoes, I’ll not get Tesco Value next time. Thanks for inviting me, it was brilliant as always to spend some time with you.
    I will also happily volunteer to try Dim Sum with you if you fancy going there again 👍

  2. Dim sum are very tasty, I recently discovered fish free sushi and I was surprised how nice that is.

    Pleased that you had a lovely weekend even if the potatoes went mushy get some M&S ready done mashed potato next time it will save all the hassle.

    Sundays outfit looks nice. I like your shoes, i some times wear ankle boots with a short dress and thick tights but I live in ankle boots in the winter.

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