My Deed Poll Arrived!

This will probably be my shortest post ever on my blog… but I had to put an entry in because, today, I received my deed poll to change my name to Andrea Denise (surname) which is officially dated tomorrow! So, I just need to get it witness-signed (person lined up, time to be arranged with her), then return it and get legal copies done and sent to me… and then I can start informing everyone who I really am! It was GREAT to read it and see my new name in writing, with clauses indicating that I renounce my male name AND my ‘Mr’ title in favour of ‘Miss’. I was SO excited to receive this in the post!

I was also happy to today receive my latest parcel from Wallis, which is addressed to Miss Andrea…

This morning I met my lady in personnel and gave her some information on websites and organisations to contact about employers and transsexual employees, including (which has great employment guides), TENI (Ireland), and SAIL/Transgender NI. We had quite a nice chat about her trip to New York, and all the clothes shopping she did.

Wednesday just gone I had my typical evening out, though longer than usual as I left earlier from work and so had time to do a good supermarket shop (as I could not get out as Andrea at the weekend), then go to Boots and the loo in Sprucefield shopping centre before having coffee and supper with Kirsty at Costa where we had a good chat until getting thrown out once they were closing. We then went to my support group, where there is a new girl there… and it was quite fun for the two of us to give her some basic being-a-woman lessons – she wanted her photo taken, and her arms and legs were totally wrong. But we have all been there to some extent, so it’s good to help.

5 thoughts on “My Deed Poll Arrived!

  1. You are now one happy bunny. Miss Andrea Denise *****. I really am so happy for you. Great news and so quick too. Look forward to chatting to you on Wed.

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