What’s in a name? Well… I Just Changed Mine!

Well, hot on the heels of yesterday’s post I just HAVE to do another one… because another milestone has been reached.

So, my news of today? Well, early-ish this morning I logged onto the UK Deed Poll website and put my name change through. It is really easy, just enter current and desired names, choose the legal-copies option (as these are required to send out to all organisations who need to know about the name change), and pay! So, I am now semi-officially Andrea Denise! I say semi-, because of course I need the paper-work with a witness signature on it, but it is officially in progress anyway.

This milestone made me rather tearful, just more joy of course – it’s only a name… but the change is SO significant, it is an official representation of who I really am. So, 30th November 2014, I am officially ME.

9 thoughts on “What’s in a name? Well… I Just Changed Mine!

  1. Wonderful news. I know that objectively it’s just typing two names into a website, but what it represents in terms of how far your have come already and where you are going is priceless.

    When I stayed at your house during the Summer, as I set off Mrs Kirsty asked me what your “real” name was, in case there were any problems. Now I can give the answer with a smile on my face – her “real” name is Andrea. Andrea Denise.

    So happy for u

  2. Love your blog Andrea, just a word of advice – get lots of copies! Most places won’t accept a photocopy and then you have to pay the whole thing from scratch again if you didn’t go for their archive service. Which I’m sure you already know but if you didn’t, a heads up from an avid reader! Best wishes, Kaye x

  3. So glad to hear the good news. Here, we have to go before a judge and explain our reasons. Your way is so much easier, and less scary. All the best, Lisa

  4. As far as I was concerned you have always been Andrea and always will be, but at least now the world of officaldom knows it too. This is wonderful and indeed a significant milestone and another piece of the puzzle dropping into place for you. Nice point Ruth makes regarding a birthday. You could end up like royalty with a real and an official birthday. Now there is a thought. Start practicing that wave Andrea Denise.

  5. Andrea, hiiiii! I don’t know why but the last time I checked your blog it said it was no longer and that made me sad. I’m glad I found you again here! Congrats on the name change, how awesome is that?!!!! Andrea is such a pretty name 🙂

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