My parents surprise me, forthcoming Xmas Events… and November 20th

Considering that my parents are quite old (a fact) and my mother is anti-LGBT they have turned out to surprise me!

On October 25th, out of the blue, my beloved parents received news from me that I am a TS woman and their initial reaction was, unsurprisingly, one of total shock. On 6th November they sent me a huge email with lots of comments, queries, and concerns, in which a few extreme and negative views were also expressed.

On Saturday I replied with an even longer email to them, answering all the queries and points that they raised…. and yesterday morning I received a short initial reply to my response saying that “now the shock has worn off, we found your email informative and reassuring… and can say, now with more confidence, that we would want to continue a relationship with you both during and after the change”! They also say that they “appreciate the intensity of my feelings”. They didn’t go into any depth, and will reply more fully in a few days, but I feel a lot more positive… and maybe they really will accept me!


Usually the lead up to Christmas is of no interest to me – I am not much of a drinker, and usually all I get invited to is a single work do which involves everyone getting exceedingly drunk and embarrassingly silly… and thus I always avoid them. But this year, things are a little different… because I have been invited to two non-work Xmas dinners already! As Andrea.

  • The first event, time-wise, is the most exciting, because it demonstrates total acceptance of me by biological women… seemingly as a friend, either as another biological woman or a TS woman – I have no idea which, but it doesn’t matter. Three weeks ago was the last walk that I went on with my group, and that evening one of the two ladies I chatted to at length sent me an email suggesting I could accompany the two of them on a Xmas meal out. I was so pleased to receive that invite… and, as of last night, the restaurant is booked and arrangements are all made – I am SO excited! One of the ladies sent an email to me and the other lady with the greeting “Hi Girls”! I was SO pleased to be included in this! Maybe one day I will take it for granted, but to be labelled a girl, especially in a non-professional context, means so much.
  • The second meal, on the Friday before Christmas, was organised by my friend (Andrea D) who has also invited my two of her female work colleagues and my BF Kirsty. I am looking forward to that too – will give me a good opportunity to really dress up in a posh frock, and boost my spirits before Xmas.


A disappointment today was that my latest Gender Clinic appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon has been cancelled owing to sickness of my counsellor. This is obviously unavoidable, but when one is psyching oneself up for what is almost a test of one’s femininity then it is a trifle disappointing… and nobody likes a disappointing trifle.

**************************************************************************************************Transgender Day

Transgender remembrance day is Thursday, November 20th – please remember it, and wear something purple. The world still needs to be reminded that transgender people, like everyone else, have a right to respect… and some have died trying to earn this respect.

5 thoughts on “My parents surprise me, forthcoming Xmas Events… and November 20th

  1. You already know how happy I am for you that your seem to be getting some positive vibes from your parents, but it’s still worth saying again.

    Really looking forward to our Christmas dinner with Andrea D and her friends – we’ll be dancing round our handbags again 💃

    A shame about GIC appointment, but it’s only a very minor bump on an otherwise remarkably smooth road so far.

    • You and your handbag dancing! I’m afraid I need some dancing lessons to avoid making a fool of myself… and as I’ll be sober that night there’s not much chance of that above and beyond my general standard of behaviour!

  2. Again I will echo what Kirsty has said in that I am so happy for you that your parents are seemingly accepting their daughter. This could not have been any better and particularly bearing in mind just how rapid that ‘acceptance’ has been. I do not think you could have even in your wildest dreams expected such an outcome so fast. Still give them all the space and time they need and all the pieces should continue to fall into the right places. Just simply wonderful and I suspect the best Christmas present you could have expected from them.

  3. Progress is progress, however slow or measured it may seem. It sounds like your response to your parents hit the right note and I daresay things will get better as time passes.
    I’m slightly envious that you’ve got some ‘posh frock’ events lined up for Christmas – handbag-dancing and all (and I expect you to take full part in the obligatory renditions of ‘Agadoo’, ‘YMCA’ and ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ 🙂 )
    I shall be wearing purple on the 20th.

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