INTERMISSION! I came out to my parents that I am Transsexual.

I have been posting about my latest holiday, and there is more to come, but I have to interrupt that flow to report another milestone – as per the title, last night my parents were given the news that I am transsexual.

Thursday morning I put a letter in the post to my parents, very similar to the one I gave to my brother in September but their own version, I sent it to brother to give to them when the time was right. So last night I just rang my parents for the usual fortnightly chat, and at the start I told them I was very tired and my mood is up and down like a yoyo. So much of that chat was about work, but I said very vaguely that there was other stuff, and I was worried about the future. At the end of the conversation I then said that brother knows the full reasons for why I am unhappy, that he has a letter that is for them, and that they should go get it. An hour later I texted my brother to see how things were going – they were not dead, but “very surprised to say the least” my Dad apparently said.

Today I had an email from them, addressed to male-name (ugh), here is an excerpt:

Our overall initial reaction is that we do not envisage wanting to cease all contact with you. We hope this reassures you. It is however impossible, at this stage, to indicate what the nature, frequency or location of these contacts may be.

We are sure you realise that, if you proceed as indicated, you may satisfy what you see as your emotional needs, but that it may have a catastrophic, long-term effect on your financial position and, consequentially, standard of living.

Could be worse, I suppose. Early days…

7 thoughts on “INTERMISSION! I came out to my parents that I am Transsexual.

  1. So brave, and another hurdle overcome. As you say, Andrea, it could have been a lot worse. Some gentle education might be the next sensible step (if they’ll allow it) as your parents may be starting from the point of very little – if any – genuine knowledge of what being TS actually means. But it’s a huge hurdle overcome, and at least you’re dealing with ‘knowns’ now.
    Massive, massive hugs.
    R xoxoxox

    • Thanks, dearest Ruth. I honestly don’t know if their education extends beyond that which allows them to make derogatory remarks over TS in media. In my generic letter portion, I include a link to gires, which I think you gave me before.

  2. I have said it before, but I am so proud of you for doing this. And I do agree with you that it could be a lot worse. The first part, well they are in the very early stages of coming to terms with what must be a huge shock. The second part, well I can understand their concerns but I think they’re wrong. At least the “catastrophic” part is wrong. But I think the fact that you’re having contact so soon is very positive.

    Try not to be too concerned about them using your male name. It will be very hard for them to stop using that, after all they gave it to you. And as you and I know, we are still the same person, just with the outside more closely aligned to the inside, so if you are the same person, I think we can excuse them using the same name at least initially.

    But overall, it’s a huge hurdle overcome. You no longer need to worry about them finding out, because they know. And it’s yet another milestone in your transition.

    I’ll see you later on today for an extra-large hug.

    Kirsty xoxo

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