My first holiday as 100% me! (Part 1)

I am on my travels again… and this time it is ALL being done presenting in the way I always should have been able to do – as Andrea! This means I am restricted to the UK and Ireland as I have no Andrea passport yet, but never mind, I am SO looking forward to this whole break, especially after my September Andrea-holiday. Another difference is that I am doing this holiday with my BF Kirsty. So this wee post is the start of the journey

Yesterday I left work earlier than usual, as I had woken up with an uncomfortable feeling in my throat that didn’t feel right, so made an emergency appointment with my doctor. Her diagnosis thankfully was that there was nothing majorly wrong that a throat spray wouldn’t sort out. While I was there she addressed me as Andrea, despite being in male-mode rather than me, which was nice, and she even gave me advice about wearing different heel heights when I complained about foot ache. Then I drove home and a leisurely transformation back to the equilibrium of inner- and outer- Andrea began…

…and by the time the main components of my face were on, once the hair was in place ONCE AGAIN that IMMENSELY joyful feeling that all is right came back, and I had a big smile on my face as I carried on, feeling that everything I did was now being done completely right. At 9.15pm Kirsry arrived, it was so good to see her. After am excited hug, the car was packed and off we went,

Before getting to Dublin Kirsty had to fill the car with diesel so I went into the services to the toilet, then to the shop where I paid for the fuel, and asked for a loyalty card. The guy serving me treated me like any other woman…. and as I got into the car I realised that that was the first time Andrea has presented to the world in a non-UK country… and all was well! We drove into Dublin, checked into our hotel, and said goodnight.

My alarm was set for 5.30… and I was bleary-eyed after a VERY bad night of sleep. Despite the time, I got ready, INCLUDING shower and shave, in 75 minutes, which I think is very good – a girl should surely be congratulated on getting up at 5.30 to put her face on!

The reason for being up early was that Kirsty and I were catching a ferry from Dublin over to Wales (Holyhead). We had previously discussed the check in process. .. and Kirsty decided I would drive up and check in, so we swapped seats and that is what happened…. and there was no bother whatsoever, the guy was nice, we exchanged a few words and I asked him which queue it would be for the cars, and he said we’d be directed…. which is when I received my second dozy-woman-driver look from the guy in the queue area, I obviously want going quick enough for him, and then I overshot the lane. But all was good, we had checked in, and soon we were on the ferry, up the stairs, and in the Club Lounge. We got a table and then went to the bar for food – I ordered hot food for us, Kirsty then ordered a coffee, and the guy said ‘And for you, Ma’am?”. I ordered, and when he brought the tray he said “There you go ladies.”. I just LOVE those recognition moments. We sat down at our table, perfectly situated at the bow of the ship, and took sunrise photos as the ship set off.


I went to the ladies loo and a member of staff was nice as he directed me towards them. Our breakfast arrived and was really rather good, ah the benefits of Club Class. We have been fed well, treated just like anyone else (and maybe that’s how we are seen by some), and had no bother from anyone – admittedly, the lounge is rather quiet, but there several tables near us that are occupied. So far, a wonderful start to our holiday; picture below of me in Club lounge, taken by David Bailey’s sister Kirsty.


4 thoughts on “My first holiday as 100% me! (Part 1)

  1. Sounds wonderful. A lovey account and I shall be eagerly awaiting your further installments as your holiday progresses. Great picture taken by Miss Bailey by the way. I knew she was hiding a talent somewhere, and she can be editor in chief as well!! Proof read & approve prior to going to print. What more could Lois lane want?

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