Sunday Shopping Success

I must have been bitten by the shopping bug when out with Kirsty on Saturday because Sunday was more of the same! Except I was out by myself.

I left the house at around 1.30 and was not back until 7.10 in the evening; as per a couple of posts ago, without a shower my get-ready routine took EXACTLY the same amount of time – 75 minutes! I took less time on my eyes, but more time on other things… and the results are shown in the quick selfie I took, below right – my hair looks a bit windblown I suppose, though it was really rather windy, but it really does behave itself MUCH better than the previous style I had. I like my top too, so fancied a selfie moment.20141005_134508ed

My first stop was the Banbridge Outlet, only a few miles from where I live, with a selection of out-of-town-lower-price stores. I started off at Next, a shop that Kirsty and I rather like; we have both bought a few clothes there in recent months. I had a good browse around, and eventually paid for a kilt-like skirt – the guy at the till was very friendly and we had rather a nice chat… and, well, he was quite, uh, attractive looks-and-voice-wise. And I will have an excuse to go back… because the skirt was the wrong size – I picked up the right hanger, but the skirt size didn’t match the hanger, oh it is so annoying when this happens. Anyway, shopping rant over, after a loo stop on to a few other shops, but nothing else caught my eye so I drove onto Lisburn… AGAIN. I walked to the same shopping centre as yesterday, through a busy mall and into BHS where I grabbed a large handful of clothes and went to try them on… except that there was a barrier in front of the changing rooms. So I went to the till and asked a girl if I could try them on, and she opened the rooms ups. I was quite a long time in there, and have bought a trouser suit perfect for my first day at work as Andrea… whenever that will be. I paid for the stuff, and then had to go to another till to return the shoes I had bought the previous day; the guy on the returns desk was very friendly, he asked if there was anything wrong with them and I said that they were alas just too small and there was not another pair in the sale.

Left BHS, and walked along the mall to an M&S food, where I went into the cafe and had a piece of cake and a mocha; more chat than expected, as the price charged for the cake was wrong, and then I paid for it with my card contact-less, and was not sure how it worked. Then I returned to the car, and as I left the mall a security guard held a door open for me and said “no bother” when I thanked him in a pretty good girlie voice.. even though I say so myself. I then drove to a different Tesco than normal, a larger one with a much bigger clothes section where I hoped I would be able to find a black jacket to match work trousers I had bought at another branch… but NO, they didn’t have one either – as usual, they had things I wanted in sizes larger than I am… though that’s quite a nice complaint to have, especially considering how ugly and fat I was a couple of years ago. But I found a very pretty top… and YET MORE patent black heels that just had to be bought and, after a fairly big shop, I went to a check out with a late-50s lady behind it. It was nearly closing time. I was queued behind the person she was serving and put my shopping on the conveyor, then another person came up behind me and till-lady said to them “I’m afraid I’m closing after this lady”, pointing at me. YES! Another guy then appeared behind me and I said to him that the lady was closing, so he said to till-lady “Are you closing after her?” and she agreed. YES again! I offered to close the till-gate behind me, and she smiled, then started putting my stuff through and we had a nice little bit of chat, and as I left said to enjoy the rest of my day, and I said likewise. When I got to the bottom of the conveyor I could feel nature calling, so after putting my shopping in the car I returned back to the entrance and asked the security guard if I could go to the loo as they were closed, and he didn’t mind. But after that all I could do was drive home, I thought of going for a little walk, but the weather looked rather grey… and within 15 minutes it was raining.

So, a 100% success rate – nobody that I noticed batted an eyelid that I was anything other than a biological girl doing her shopping – SO pleased! Almost perfect in fact… and if my BF Kirsty had been with me, it would have been.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Shopping Success

  1. Even more shopping! You are going to need to purchase a few wardrobes now to hold all these lovely items you are buying!. Really happy to hear you had such a great ‘second’ day shopping and fancying the guy on the till into the bargain. By the way looking good in the selfie. Look forward to seeing you next Wed at the support club.


    • Thanks Michelle; I think that the third portion of my triple wardrobe is about to be commandeered for my expanding girlie clothing, and the whole thing will just have to be be locked up… for now.

  2. Aww I wish I had been there too👭

    You did pretty well without me though. You look great in the selfie, I think the hair looks even better for being a little bit windswept. And didn’t you show me a trouser suit for your first day in work when I stayed at your house back in July?

    Looking forward to seeing you (and Michelle!) again on Wednesday

    Kirsty x

    • Trouser suit? Oh yeah… well, this is another one, totally matching. Maybe when I see y’all Wednesday I’ll be Andrea-office-girl, and you can give a verdict… including whether the UK10 size jacket fits. I think it does…

  3. Looking good, girl! 🙂 As Michelle suggests, I too am waiting to hear about your trip to IKEA to buy extra storage for your purchases…
    So pleased you’ve had such a wonderful few days. It’s been wonderful to read about.
    Ruth xoxox

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