Why does it take me SOOOOO long to get ready??? Alas, it’s not JUST coz I’m a woman…

Somewhat unusually for me, I’m posting quite early in the day. Firstly, I am in SUCH a good mood, this weekend is a total-100% Andrea one… though that’s not the sole reasons for the good mood. As some TS girls will have realised, it is very depressing to see one’s male reflection when one is not able to present as one wishes… even if I tend to try and avoid this as much as possible. Anyway, this morning I transformed back into me and, with most of my make up done, I donned underwear, put on my lovely new hair… and I literally chuckled with pure glee and joy that I could finally see my reflection again. SO happy! I will never be a particularly pretty girl I am sure, even after HRT and any facial surgery, but it is difficult to express just how much joy I feel at being able to see my true reflection, one that matches my inside. I EVEN love seeing Andrea’s shadow with her longer hair… and last night I caught my shadow as male and I just HATED it. To some I know it will sound extreme, but anything to do with my enforced male appearance is just so wrong for me.

I am also posting early as I have to wait for another foundation layer to dry on part of my face – I think that after my latest laser session, the first shave since then has been a bit hit and miss and so my face and its dreaded hair are still recovering… and this is the reasoning behind some of the title of this thread. Years ago I WAS married, to a woman, and so I know just how long it can take a woman to get ready… but of course I have the added problem of trying to deal with covering up a face scarred by deeply-unwanted facial hair.

The other reason behind making this post is because over the last few months I have got to know a really lovely girl called Ruth via an online support group site. She also writes a blog (Ruth’s Odyssey), which is always an interesting read… but it causes me much consternation to read about the minuscule amount of time it takes her to get ready – her latest get-ready took her 38 minutes!! Mine typically takes around an hour and a half!!! Why the huge difference?

So I thought I would analyse this morning’s make up / get ready routine… which took an hour and 32 minutes… SIGH – now I could make excuses such as I have ANOTHER head cold (second in five weeks), I had not decided what to wear, etc. but any manner of excuses wouldn’t bring it down all that much. So here was my routine from this morning:

  • Shower, including arm/leg shaving            14 minutes
  • Shaving face (blade, electric, moisturise)  16 minutes (of course, most biological women wouldn’t have to do this – grr)
  • Apply first layer of foundation                       9 minutes
  • Pencil eyebrows                                           3 minutes
  • Eye make up (shadow, liner, mascara)      15 minutes (this stands out as taking a long time)
  • Second foundation (upper/lower lips)           2 minutes
  • Bronzer and blusher                                     4 minutes
  • Lip liner                                                         1 minute
  • Put on underwear, and hair, pin and brush  4 minutes (that’s SO worth it, I just LOVE my hair)
  • Decide on, and dress in, clothes/jewellery 16 minutes (must be less indecisive)
  • Pack hand bag                                             3 minutes
  • Apply powder and lip gloss                          4 minutes

There are a lot of small-time items but it all adds up. I wouldn’t have to shave arms/legs every shower, but that wouldn’t cut down too many minutes. Maybe after a few more laser sessions the shaving time will reduce a lot more. But it is rather an annoyance that I take so long to do all of this. And does it make me wish that I shouldn’t bother? HELL NO, I just LOVE that contented (no, NOT thrill, but joyous contented) feeling of seeing me again in the mirror and, for the first year of my life, being happy enough with the way I look… even if I wish I could magic the facial hair away.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading (and for any comments you add – I always love these), am off out shopping… and to meet my BF Kirsty!

3 thoughts on “Why does it take me SOOOOO long to get ready??? Alas, it’s not JUST coz I’m a woman…

  1. Hey Andrea, what you described (loving and Andrea’s reflection and shadow) that’s no extreme, in fact I deal with this at least twice per day, especially when I have to cover my finally feminizing body with Bob’s cloth to go out .. but once I’m home again, I just LOVE my body’s reflection and shadow .. you can tell by the avatar I have 🙂 .. I still have serious doubts about my face .. but will see how this will work out ..

    As for the time to have Andrea ready, I can’t have any inputs in this regrad, but 15 mins for eye makeup only ! This sounds like a lot ! But I bet it’s well worth it, you’re always looking amazing girl ..

    Enjoy your time with Kirsty, and send her my regards .. 🙂


  2. One Hour excluding shave & shower time is not doing too bad. I have never broke mine down into such detail but I can safely say if I know what I shall wear, about 1 hr does it. Deciding what to wear can almost double that sometimes, so on average it takes me around 90mins. (A hour & a half to you and me)

  3. Of course, Andrea, what I never said was how I actually *looked* after my express 38-minute makeover…! :\
    I suspect we’re not comparing like with like, though – my clock starts when the ‘blank canvas’ is ready i.e. showering and any shaving has already been done, and I’ve decided what I’m going to wear. Those alone would add a good half-hour if I were to include them. Plus I tend to keep my main handbag ready for action so no packing’s required apart from slipping in keys and phone.
    With you on the eye makeup. I still struggle to get it right first time – and often end up being delayed having to redo it, especially when the mascara wand slips… Grrr.
    At the end of the day it’s not a race, and the finished product that counts. I’ve known many GGs who’ve taken between 1 and 2 hours to get ready!
    R xoxoxo

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