My first vacation as Andrea (part 2)

So, to continue where the previous post ended, I left my friends at 10.30 am on Saturday 13th September… and started the first full day of my vacation by going shopping. I went to a big shopping centre called Cribbs Causeway, I have SO wanted to properly shop as Andrea because I go here several times a year with daughter and brother when visiting family… but of course wirh them I am ‘him’ and not me and so cannot shop.

I started off in John Lewis, a department store with some very upmarket clothing names. I browsed around all the ladies clothes rails. I felt just a wee bit apprehensive, sometimes it takes me a few minutes to get in my strode mentally, anyway, nobody seemed to pay me any attention. At the Oasis area I found some smart black trousers and the most exquisite top in floaty material – black with a pretty floral pattern in pink/purple/white and beautiful delicate lace trim. I tried them on and just had to have them, the most expensive clothes Andrea has ever bought herself; the fields in the fitting room and check out were all lovely and I had nice bits of chat so by the time I left there I was confident. I went in several other clothes stores, some of them extremely expensive such as Karen Millen – in that one a girl asked if I needed any help, but I said I was just browsing and said I didn’t think half the shops there were even in Northern Ireland. Ended up at M&S, just bought some food there, and chatted the till girl, I mentioned to her the Bristol One Pound note – yes, Bristol had its own money.

After that I drove down the M5 motorway right to the end. I have started to notice that there are some guys that really don’t like to be passed by a girl in a car – I overtook a few and within a minute they whizzed by me. Men! At Exeter services I went to the ladies toilet and then to Costa for a mocha; the girl who served me was fine, I asked her a bout free wifi and subsequently surfed as my coffee cooled.

I drove onwards, into Devon, was dying to use my new title-less National Trust card, so I drove to a castle… which was only open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays!  WHAT??? Oh knickers! So, I drove on, and eventually found somewhere else to go, a stately house (which was closed) and its gardens which I had a good wander around – even late afternoon there were quite a lot of people there. I took a selfie, see below – I thought it about time so you can see my new hair! It is MUCH more expensive than the last one, but it’s worth it – it behaves more naturally, I like the colour…. and this is where the lovely Paul Meekin gets a mention again as he styled it for me a couple of Sundays ago. Yeah, on a Sunday! Bless!

After that I drove to a small town on the south coast near Plymouth and had a wee walk, then onwards to my B&B in Mevagissey which took AGES to get to… owing to a road closure and poor diversion directions. I literally dropped my bags in the room then went to the Fountain Inn for dinner;  I had a lovely fish pie there. The tables in the front half of the Inn were full, but a male customer joked with me that the ones at the back were just as good, so that’s where I ate. Everyone was nice and friendly to me.

After my dinner I took a little walk along the quay and when the lighting ran out I started to head back. I paused as a guy took a photo of his female companion and then asked if they would like me to take a photo of them together and when he politely declined I jokingly asked if they don’t like being in pictures together and they laughed. That was a good end to the day – I am increasingly finding that I just can’t help myself interacting with people and being light-hearted, I am SO coming out of my shell… and when I tell u about Sunday it gets better! 20140913_164715

6 thoughts on “My first vacation as Andrea (part 2)

  1. Andrea,

    It’s great you are having a good vacation, and being able to be yourself. I hope to one day take a trip to Ireland myself as the my mother’s side is from Ireland. I look forward to reading your next update.


  2. Floaty flowery blouse! Yes sooo Andrea I can just see you in it. The new hair, yes that really does look so good and the light catching it shows up its great colour. Looking natural. You have obviously had a wonderful time indeed. A lovely positive blog. As Kirsty says ‘keep em coming’

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