My first vacation as Andrea (part 1) – New Friends

One of my favourite pastimes is travelling and seeing new places, and so a while ago I hatched a plan to have my first little holiday as Andrea… and this post is part one of this three night break.

Alas I had to fly as him, as Andrea cannot yet have her passport, but once I had got to the departure gate I was sparkling with teary-eyed excitement. The morning started badly though, I only got to bed at 2.30am after having spent four hours packing! Well, I had to pack for two, and I have never packed a girly suitcase before! At 2.30 I set my alarm for the following morning at what I thought was a reasonable time…. except that in the shower once up I realised I should already be on the road! So I frantically dried, threw on clothes, threw bags in the car, and hurtled off without breakfast. I flew from Dublin to Bristol where I then hired a car, a bright yellow thing! So much for Andrea’s desire to blend in.

I drove about 20 miles to the house of a (cross-dresser) friend called Siobhan who I have come to know on Transliving; we have emailed fairly regularly but never met before and, bizarrely, she left a key for me to let myself in. After a moment of panic, when the house alarm went off unexpectedly, I went to my room and after a wee nap I began to transform back to Andrea. Siobhan and her wife arrived over an hour later and once they had changed, and I was ready, I let myself out and met Siobhan and her wife; it soon became obvious they were just LOVELY people! An hour later we left (in a non – yellow car), picked up one of their friends, and drove to Bath, where we met up with more TG friends for a meal at a favoured restaurant. We had a good time there with lots of nice chat and tasty food, though the music was loud and on a busy Friday evening the chat around us was too loud as well. The staff were nice, and know the group who dine there monthly, fellow customers didn’t find us a bother, and I went to the toilet a couple of times without any acrobatics this time (compared to previous post) and in fact the second time a guy stepped aside to let me pass with a nice smile. We left after two and a half hours, dropped the friend off, and back at their house chatted for a while with Siobhan and much longer with her lovely wife until 1.30, a nice, kind, down-to-earth woman. Saturday morning, after my usual lengthy make up application, we had breakfast, chatted, and eventually I had to leave at 10.30, with fond farewells to my new friends.


4 thoughts on “My first vacation as Andrea (part 1) – New Friends

  1. With any other airline you do not require a passport, though flying from Dublin might be different, though I don’t think so if it is to UK

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