I am impressing my daughter with my fashion knowledge… a bit too much!

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. It is August… and I seem to have caught a cold off someone! Isn’t it just typical, lots of Andrea time coming up at the weekend and I am under the weather with the voice a bit of a struggle due to a sore throat… but perhaps I should see it as a challenge and an opportunity!! After all, when I come out, I will have cold and flu bugs! I have a walk on Saturday with my group, but I don’t think I will do it if I am not better.

Anyway, I was out with my dear daughter (DD) yesterday. After a nice lunch, and then a dentist appointment for her, we went shopping – firstly to get my mi-fi hub (which EE have replaced rather than fixed), and then clothes shopping… for DD (Grr). DD went to get some jeans, and I met her outside Primark where she commented on this new women’s clothes shop she had seen… which I then told her the name of (Blue Inc) and said there seemed to be some nice things there (which she didn’t pick up on). So we went to Blue Inc and had a look around… and there are certainly a couple of things I will be going back for, including a pair of smart-casual flowery trousers that I asked DD’s opinion of and she said they were nice – so I have her approval! Well, kind of. Then we went to another womens shop, Exhibit, where I have wanted to go for a while, and spent ages there looking around – DD asked my opinion on quite a few things (which was nice), and I pointed out a few things myself that I thought were quite nice and apart from one item (which she said would suit her mother) she pretty much agreed with me! While in there she asked if I could help her look for a skort for her – she asked if I knew what it was, and I described it correctly. Later she was looking on a sale rail and said there were some hot pants, and asked if I knew what they were – when I told her she said “Dad, that it so weird that you know that”!

Further to above, a few days ago we were in Innsbruck airport (the most amazingly situated airport I have ever been to, with immense mountain peaks surrounding it) about to return to UK. DD pointed out some stewardesses for Austrian Airways that looked a bit ridiculous in so much red clothing – the red skirt suit and shoes were okay… but red tights as well??? Way over the top, we said. So brother said that they’d be better in black tights… and, literally, in unison, DD and I both said “Black? No, nude tights!”. So bro said “Well how am I supposed to know?” (in his I’m-an-ignorant-guy voice), and then DD made the rhetorical observation “So how does Dad know then?”… to which there was no answer.

I thought I might get some Andrea time out today as DD was going to go over to a friend’s house, but I see no sign of that happening now, the BFF appears to be incommunicado. So perhaps I should rest and try and get better for Andrea time starting on Friday… at last!

One thought on “I am impressing my daughter with my fashion knowledge… a bit too much!

  1. Hehe! I can just imagine how you are trying not to give away that you’re looking for clothes for yourself in those women’s boutiques – and yes the red tights are way over the top for those uniforms!

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