Gender Clinic Contact! (My first phone call asking for Andrea)

I was on Cloud 9 yesterday! And still smiling today. Yesterday I had a phone call at 10.30am asking for “Andrea [surname]”, and I rushed away from my desk at work quite excited, wondering who it could be… and the lady introduced herself as being from the Belfast gender clinic! Contact already, less than 3 weeks from my GP referring me!

The lady was really nice, she asked me how I wanted letters to be addressed (as family/daughter do not know), then she talked a bit about the clinic, then said the waiting list is not long and I could have my first couple of appointments (sometimes on same day, an assessment and a counselling session) in October! Wow!

So I returned to my desk elated, someone commented how happy I looked…. and the rest of the day I struggled to keep Andrea inside – every time I got into a friendly conversation I got all animated (I talk a lot with my hands as a girl) and my voice softened! 

7 thoughts on “Gender Clinic Contact! (My first phone call asking for Andrea)

    • …and your reply has given my day a great start, Nour, thank you! Tears running down my cheeks as I write, am getting so very happy about this journey, even if I know it will be bumpy.

      • yep, i can tell 🙂 Just enjoy the journey, live, and cherish every moment 🙂

        Wishing you all the happiness in the world; i can almost see and feel your tears of joy as small tiny lovely pearls 🙂

        More Hugs to my dear,

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