Employee Assistance Program… and disappointments

Today I rang my company’s Employee Assistance Program confidential helpline for advice on how to progress coming out as Andrea at work. The lady took some general details, then asked me to categorise the ‘issue’. Uh, hmm. She reeled off a whole load and just none of them sounded right, so I just told her about my GD. She put me on hold for quite a while, then came back and is seeing up some free employment-related counselling sessions to help me to decide about coming out at work (how, when… and possibly move).

The other day I emailed my friend Ivan suggesting a little meeting for a walk and chat, and I warned him I had something I needed to talk to him about if our friendship is to progress any further, but that it would likely give him a headache (he gets them after stressful conversations)… and he replied to say he can’t come! Grr! He does want to meet, but I will have to wait at least three weeks owing to hols. He also said not to worry about the headache, and that I can give him a massage and sooth him worth my voice. So I am going to reply that that will be the last thing he’ll want…

Oh, but I think Ivan definitely thinks I am none other than a born-girl. We were taking about eating habits and he said I have less to worry about “as you ladies statistically live longer”! Also,  he referred to me as a mum again.

Yesterday I thought I’d be able to get out as Andrea for at least an hour or two…. but there was confusion over flight times (not all my fault) and it was a lot layer than I thought. So no outing yesterday… though I did have a few hours at home, including an hour in the garden, and despite being fed up when I started to transform I was happy to be naturally me when I had finished. That is a distinct contrast to putting my rain jacket on to go to the airport and feeling physically sick wearing it.

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