What’s that burning smell? Oh, that’d be me!!

One of the problems with being a girl, when you weren’t born as such, is all the body and facial hair! So, a few months ago I decided to be proactive and try to do something about it, in advance of coming out, and last night was my latest laser hair removal treatment session at the Belfast Electrolysis Centre.

Now prior to yesterday, I had had only two full-face sessions, and so it is a bit much to expect much in the way of results already. Another problem is that because the hair on one’s face is much more dense that on other parts of the body, then it is not easy to get the setting as high – the first face session was at 10, and the last one was 12… whereas treatment on my chest was done at 22. But, alas, such is the nature and momentum of this journey that I was determined to have my latest facial setting up a notch or two, and to make the treatment more effective I had two days of stubble… which rather disheartened me being otherwise dressed and presenting as a woman.

I arrived at 7.00pm for the session and went in a few minutes later. As usual, I had a bit of chat with Lynda, who quickly sensed my discomfort with the hairy face. We agreed to increase the setting and after one or two blasts at 14, I said to increase it again… and so Lynda carried on. Each blast was really very sharp, but after the increase I could smell burning hair… and was so happy about this, because it (hopefully) means that it is working! All around the mouth the blasts were particularly sore, but I adopted a grin-and-bear it attitude and eventually my face was all done… at which point Lynda told me that she had done it on 18!!! Talk about economical with the data… but I completely appreciate why, and am so glad Lynda did this and I was soon giggling that I had sat through all those blasts at a much higher setting… even though it took a couple of hours for the extreme-sunburn-type soreness to die down, and only after a lot of aloe vera and cooler packs from the fridge. Then I had more of my chest done and, for the first time, all around my shoulders. Finally, after about 2 hours, I was done… at which point we started our end-of-day chat, something I always enjoy a lot – Lynda is a lovely and honest woman, so easy to relax with and have a great chat with about all kinds of things. I kept her there to long really, after a long day, but eventually I left after a goodbye to Lynda and her sweet dog Sophie.

But my face was still sore, and I could not shave it or apply make up, so I did not want to go to my support group appearing like that so instead went home. For a change I got up this morning, alas as male, but felt happier than usual… and maybe that was because, looking in the mirror, although the unpleasant male face was there at least it was not sore, there was no blistering, and most of the redness had gone.

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