Another great walk… and an appointment made

As some of you may know, I joined a walking group (as Andrea, and not as male) and so far it is going unbelievably well… and it just goes on!

Yesterday I went to the latest walk with the group, along a section of the Lagan river near Belfast. Alas I took ages to get ready again (this time all sorts of problems with jewellery not fastening – those fiddly necklace fasteners, for example) and had to moderately break the speed limit to get there on time… though I was not the last one there. Got out of the car and joined the group… and soon ended up talking to a new face, Denise, and we had some great chat and good laughs – even had a chat about hair appointments! Alan then joined us, and we had a bit of chat with him. After a short stop, we started up again, and I ended up talking to John, a BBC engineer – I had previously met him, and he was a bit quiet with me, and I wasn’t sure whether it was because he has sensed what I am about and was uncomfortable with me… but this time we had a really long chat, he is keen on photography and I tried to help him by pointing out one or two good spots. I bumped into Karen who had brought her lovely dog (amazing soft fur), who I had met at the annual group meal, and after we crossed a bridge, we settled into a lovely long chat, and then we started chatting to Jenny, a newbie who seems nice…. and, all too soon, the walk was over after only 75 minutes. I really didn’t want to go… and so I ended up staying until everyone left the car park! Chatted with quite a lot of people at the car park, including a guy who always says it is nice to see me at the walks but has never talked to me on a walk before! I had SUCH a good walk with them, I felt so confident and happy with them all. Popped to Sainsburys on the way home to go to the ladies and get cash out, and then was home just before 10pm… for some tea/supper!

Monday morning I rang my GP surgery and have made an appointment for 1st August with a female doctor in order to tell her about the real me, with the intention of getting her to refer me to the Belfast gender clinic, as per the recommendation from my lovely TG counsellor. Yes, it’s time to take that next big step. Am nervous already…

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