A wonderful girly weekend

This weekend has been such fun – not just because I have been the real me the whole time, but also because my girly friend Kirsty came to stay!

Saturday morning I woke up weary after a long week and it took me quite a while to transform back into Andrea but, at midday, off I went. I stopped at a nearby town and walked to a charity shop with a bag full of stuff for them… but they were closed!

So I headed onto a shopping centre. First I went into Boots and bought a few items, including a small packet of rollers, something I NEVER thought I would ever by for myself! Then popped to the ladies loo outside M&S – a few things always strike me when I go to the ladies loos, firstly how much easier I go in the ladies, secondly how natural it feels for me to be there, and thirdly how much fun it is to listen to the chat at times, especially with mum’s and children. Anyway, onto Next… where they had a sale that had started only that day!!! So I spent an AGE in there, and on the one hand I was good and put down a few things I had picked up… but still walked out with £96 of clothes… which, as it turns out, I am likely to keep all of them. Then onto Tesco supermarket for a large grocery shop in order to feed my friend, and had a bit of chat with the checkout girl. On the way home I had to stop at another supermarket as I had forgotten a key ingredient for something I was going to cook with my own bear hands! As a result, rather embarrassingly, my guest arrive a couple of minutes before I did!!

After a cup of tea and some catching up, we decided to do a bit of clothes shopping at our local outlet… and we had a FAB, albeit short, time out! One slight disappointment was that a pair of sandals I had my eye on for some time turned out to be far too big despite being only 7 / 41)… but Kirsty tried them on, and ended up buying them! We went into a few more shops, including Peacocks where I bought a size 8 top (which fits!!) and Next where I got a lovely denim skirt (in two sizes, happily the smaller size 8 fits), and then home again where I cooked dinner. We spend the whole evening chatting until after midnight, and it was just so enjoyable.??????????

Up the next morning, and after breakfast while Kirsty watched the Tour De France (ahem) I tried on my new clothes… and a jacket and trousers I bought the day before, teamed with a black top and shoes, went together really well, I was so pleased – see photo. Also, I have bought a perfect handbag for work – LOADS of compartments and pockets.

The weather was not great, so initial plans for a walk in a country park were curtailed and instead we walked around a lake near Hillsborough – had a lovely time, one family gave us a very pleasant hello. Then we had a late lunch in the M&S cafe –  on the way to the shop across the car park we passed an estate car (station wagon for our American viewers, I believe) and the guy looked at us and then penny obviously dropped with him and he looked rather horrified… until I gave him a smile and he hurriedly turned away!! 🙂 After lunch we went to Next where I returned the larger skirt I had bought the day before while Kirsty bought a jumper – sadly, one lady in the shop gave me a rather stern stare… and after we passed I turned around and I could see her mentioning me to her daughter… but maybe she was just jealous because she was dressed in a baggy, khaki, canvas sack while I was comparatively rather more prettily apparelled in my Next skirt, flowery camisole, and white cardy. While I was browsing, a young boy dropped his bottle out of his pram, and when I picked it up, the father gave me a really nice smile and a thank you. And then, alas, it was time for Kirsty and I to part and I was really rather sad to see her go… and also was nearly in tears when I realised that this is the last weekend until end-August that I will be able to dress the whole time as Andrea.

On my own again, I went to another shopping centre and went into several shops (though only came out with a pair of ballet pumps, but gorgeous though!), and then I got my eyebrows threaded before I headed home. Once again, I turned at the junction at the top of a hill that leads down to my driveway and there was my neighbour outside his house; I have no idea what he things he saw… but this has been a few times now, and I do wonder… but frankly I am almost past the stage of caring, I know I should care, but I am almost fed up of Andrea still being a secret.

So, all in all, a FAB weekend; I guess a small number of negative stares… but it’s a small percentage – I’m a realist, there always be someone who won’t be able to tolerate me… but maybe it’s the same for a lot of people in one way or another. Almost time to scrape Andrea away again as I head to bed… and I feel so disheartened just thinking about it.

8 thoughts on “A wonderful girly weekend

    • Thanks Christy. I am following your site now, it looks to have some interesting and well written articles on it… that I will try and catch with in full when I am not supposed to be heading off to bed for my beauty sleep!

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