Email screw-up… and Ivan’s dinner explanation

Well, I suppose a number of you TS and TG girls out there have screwed up with your mixed-gender email identities. Well, I know a couple who have!! Well, it was my turn today… though I suppose at least it is not with someone I know.

As some of you have read previous blog posts will know, I am a bit of an outdoors girl! Because of this, I am a member of the National Trust in the UK. The problem is, I would love to start visiting their properties as Andrea but my membership card says “Mr [SURNAME]” and I obviously can’t go with that and so I thought I would email them to change it to change the ‘Mr’ to my first initial. So I started to drop them an email from work, then thought better of it, and decided to email on the way home on my tablet…. and maybe it was because I was tired, and also sitting on the floor of the train carriage for most of my journey, but I accidentally used my Andrea email! Doh! So goodness knows what someone at the receiving end will think.

The other day I had a reply from Ivan about the “long lingering dinner” which I indicated to him rather worried me. So, he replied saying this:

Do not worry about the long lingering dinner. Let me explain the way I see it. I like eating out with good company, not that I do it very often! I  think it would be lovely, maybe in the autumn or later, to find a nice quiet restaurant with atmosphere, have some nice food and maybe wine and chat. I say that because I know that you are an interesting and intelligent person and we both appear to have somethings in common. As well, my perception is that the friendship seems to have taken root, in that we keep answering each others emails!

But I don’t know, dinner with a male friend just seems all too datey. I fancied the concert idea, but that is unlikely with the limited dates on offer. Anyway, my close TS friends keep warning me to be careful, and it is nice of them to say this – perhaps I should wait until I am full-time before thinking about doing something like this… but it is a bit difficult to restrain myself when I love doing new things, and the likes of Ivan and Alan don’t seem to notice anything different about me.

3 thoughts on “Email screw-up… and Ivan’s dinner explanation

  1. I have to admit that ‘long, lingering…’ isn’t language I’d use if friendship was all I had in mind… but hey – you go with what your heart tells you.. ! Just let your head rule in terms of keeping safe i.e. tell a trusted friend where you’re going, when you’ll be home, and to check in regularly by phone or text during course of the evening.
    Good luck 🙂
    Ruth x

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