I think I have bounced back… but who the hell is Elaine???

After my mixed shopping expedition on Sunday, I was slightly anxious about my latest walk on Monday 7th. However, I at least matched my transformation record of 75 minutes, but left the house late and had to break the speed limit a bit to get there on time – was pleased, because it started 15 minutes earlier than usual. As I neared the area, the weather ahead of me was poor and very grey, and I wondered whether to just go to my friend instead… but then I thought, NO, you have come to go out to this walk, and you are going to do it! Chance to wear my new girl raspberry-coloured rain coat for the first time, anyway! (Which served me rather well).

Upon arrival it was raining, so I put my hood carefully on, trying not to disrupt my carefully brushed hair, and walked up to the group… and there was my “friend” (?) Margaret, who is always pleased to see me, and next to her Ann from last week (who I didn’t recognise as she had her hood on), and as we set off in the rain I had much good chat with the two of them. Then I chatted to Deirdre who I had met just once before, and that was good, then later met Pauline for a quick chat, and then Alan took over and I had the most chat with him since I have met him… and after a while he introduced me to Jane (who I have not met before) and I was introduced as Elaine. Elaine??? And who would that be??? I think he was generally a wee bit muddled that evening, but it was a bit disappointing considering the emails I have had from him. Oh well. Anyway, I had good chat with Jane… and then the walk was finished after only 90 minutes. After more chat with Margaret, and one or two others, it was alas time to go.

As the night was young, and I hardly wanted to go home so early, with no invitations for coffee or anything this time I rang my friend nearby – she was just home, so I popped around for a cuppa and some nice chat, eventually got home at around 10.40pm… and, as usual, so pleased to see my reflection welcome me home… and so difficult to wipe it away.

So, I think I have bounced back… and the negative incidents from Sunday are starting to fade.

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