A bit of chatty shopping, another successful dinner, coffee… and leg heaven!

Well, it has been a month since I last had dinner out with Kirsty, so it was a about time we did it again! I spent most of the Saturday in bed actually, was so tired after my commuting/working week, so slobbed around until after 3.00…. and then spent an age transforming from what is becoming an increasingly fake Bob back to Andrea. Usual wardrobe indecision (but, lets face it, any girl is like this) and hair issues – my new wig, while cut well, has a mind of its own and half the time even the slightest movement makes the hair fly all over the place… half of it not returning to its original position, so I eventually resorted to hairspray.

I felt the need to do a bit of shopping before dinner, though left it extremely late, so went into my local outlet and ended up in only one shop, Peacocks. Had a good browse around, picked up a summery camisole top and a thin jumper, more for autumn I’d say. I queued up at the checkout (which took an age) and soon this woman came up behind me with a mountain of clothes – she started putting them on the counter, telling me to relieve herself of the weight… and once she opened her mouth I was off! I said I wouldn’t want to see her next credit card bill, we talked about the good prices, I commented on a nice top she had, she told me about her boys that she was buying items for, then I saw another camisole top that I loved so I asked where she picked it up from – she directed me, after saying that she thought there were some smaller ones that would fit me. 🙂 So off I went, and although there were not any small enough I found another design which was very nice and then went back and queued up behind her. She was very apologetic that her stuff had started going through, but I said not to worry. At that point her daughter had joined her, and she gave me one or two glances – of course she could have just liked me lovely camisole top… or maybe not. Anyway, never mind, they left and the woman bid me a very nice farewell.

Once home I changed out of my smart/casual into dinner attire – a summery dress, black dressy heels, black cardy… and some glossy 15D nude tights on my well-shaved legs – wow, have mDSCN0164ed2y legs ever felt so good! Not in any turned-on kind of way (that’s not me now), I just felt, well, like my silky legs made me look and feel special. See (late-evening) selfie – I know I am hardly the prettiest girl around… but I don’t think I am a complete dog / disaster either. Anyway, off I went, and met Kirsty at our usual city-centre car park in Belfast – she looked really nice in her flowery black/pink dress and pink cardy. And she gave me a wee present, a bottle of diet coke with my name on it! It was a small gesture, but I was so moved by it, I ended up wiping a tear from my eye… but such as I am now, I can be so emotional.

We had dinner at Coppi, an upmarket Italian restaurant. It was really dark inside… although our eyes adjusted eventually, but I ended up looking at the menu on Kirsty’s iPhone, while another group at a table next to us used a light from their phone to look at the menu! The food was very good on the whole (tapas starters between us, I had a seafood gnocchi, and we both had peach tart/cake), though not cheap, and we had a lovely time… albeit that it was really rather noisy there such that with our new girly voices it was often difficult to hear each other, so I suggested going somewhere else for coffee.

We wandered along a few streets to an outlet in Belfast, but it was closed, so I suggested a couple further away so we returned to our cars. Kirsty followed me to Lisburn Road where we went into big-bad-we-pay-low-tax-Starbucks, after going into another place which was full with no sign of a table becoming vacant. We had great chat, but eventually got turfed out at 10.00 and returned to our cars parked on a side street…. and I was really desperately sad that the evening was ending. Kirsty took a few selfies of us (some of which I insisted she delete, and when she saw one of them I think she knew why… and unrestrained laughter ensued).

Anyway, that was my latest evening out with Kirsty – we got a couple of curious looks, but on a busy Saturday night I think that’s pretty good.

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