It seems as though I really AM a woman… well, at least that’s what one of my new ‘friends’ thinks

As I carry on with my amazing journey, as significant steps approach I still sometimes doubt myself, whether I am caught up in some kind of self-con trick. Perhaps that’s because my self-esteem is not that high. Now, I know there is a woman inside of me just desperately trying to get out… but today I had an email from my new male friend Ivan where he seems to categorically indicate that he sees me as nothing other than a woman.

I sent him a little chatty email earlier this evening on the train as I was a bit down. One of the things I mentioned was a load of girls I passed who were going to a pop concert, and I commented to him that I felt so old having seen the desperately scanty clothing some of them were wearing, and worrying about whether my daughter will follow suit. He replied and said that he is “sure my wee daughter will be very sensible and follow what mum says!”. So, as far as I can see, he sees me as a mum… and therefore a woman!

And now he is wanting to take me out to dinner again so we can have a good, long chat!

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