Never had such a busy social life!

I have always been a shy, retiring type…. well, up until recently, anyway. I am becoming SUCH a different person… and it’s just such fun. And SO me! Well, real-me anyway.

As indicated in my previous post, I have had another walk with my group, this time to Lady Dixon Park SE of Belfast. There are very pretty Rose gardens there. As usual, I had a FAB time (once the awkward kiss with Alan had passed), met yet more new faces, including a newbie Angela and Ann, a friend of a lovely lady called Margaret in her 70s who always says it is lovely to see me every time I see her. Aw! Must have chatted to Ann for the best part of half an hour. But equally, if not more, important I had chat with a number of people I have met on more than one occasion before, and it feels like I am inching towards friendship every time I see them, especially when they seem as pleased to see me as I am them, with genuine smiles.

When the walk was nearing its end I was with two new faces and after one of them got a call about going for a coffee I was invited too!! Couldn’t believe it!! So, we met up with their friends, and a convoy of us went to Starbucks for hot drinks and, for me, my dinner. We chatted for an hour and, although I was a bit quiet-natured compared to them, had a pretty good time; as I left all the new ones said nice to meet me, then through Meetup got some ‘Good to see u’ messages from them too. Felt so good to be included in their outing, and to be fitting in. On the way home stopped at Sainsburys for petrol, all ok with the guy at the counter when I paid…. including when I went back in to complain to him that he’d put the wrong pump through on my receipt and charged me slightly too much!

So, Wednesday, out again, two days in a row! Hoped to break my world record for Andrea getting ready, and it was going SO well…. until a wardrobe catastrophe, and subsequent indecision about a substitute, eventually resorting to jeans. First went to Argos, and exchanged a watch/bracelet set… and will have to go back yet again to get links taken out. Then, after loo stop, met up with Kirsty for coffee and a good chat. Finally went to support group, which was nice enough…. though slightly disappointed by lack of time for chat with just my two girlie friends there. And, SHOCK HORROR, saw Michelle in a pair of trousers (girlie pink jeans) for the first time ever…. and they really rather suited her!

It is getting SO difficult transforming back to Bob after such enjoyable times, being accepted by pretty much everyone. When I am Bob I feel like I am suppressing so much of what’s really inside of me… and one day that is gonna have to stop!

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