My life…… a soap opera?

Well, the frightened rabbit email didn’t seem to work! I got an email back saying “Ah Andrea, I understand what u r saying… as much as any man can understand a woman” and he quite obviously didn’t understand at all coz he admitted that he fancies me.

I am launching into unknown territory. Walling on thin ice? Yes, it’s exciting and you spark something, and yes, I am attracted to you! Why shouldn’t I be, you’re attractive and intelligent. Hopefully it may be reciprocated.

So although it is amazing to be described that way and get such attention, it’s a bit scary…. so I sent a firmer email saying that I could offer no more than friendship… and with no reply, I set off for my next walk (more on that another time) with high hopes.

Arriving at Lady Dixon park, a lovely area with a beautiful rose garden, I wandered over to the group and said hi to a few people and had a wee bit of chat…. and then Alan purposefully strode over, put his hand out, and said ‘hi kiddo’ as I took it… and before I knew it he had leant in and given me a kiss on the far side of my cheek, which I reciprocated with a girly air-kiss. So my firmer email obviously worked! Not!

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