Admirers… are they worth the hassle???

Well, previously I got quite excited about the thought of having admirers… but when they appear to come on like an express train then it became rather less fun after a while… especially when I have so many things to worry about already being only part-time out as Andrea – especially changing job, fitting in at a new company… and then coming out.


Well, when I met him on the walk he offered to meet up for lunch some time after one chat… and then within a week he had offered to take me to a classical music concert, have a meal out before a walk, meeting up to chill, and have quality time. All this after 30 minutes of chat and an email!!! And him married? So I put the breaks on, I had to say that this was all rather flattering but very unexpected, and I wondered what his wife would think. So over a couple of emails I think I have sorted him out, and he is very much looking only for friends, having become a bit lonely as his wife has health issues which means she gets weary rather a lot, especially as the day goes on. So, from some nice emails, I think he is sorted… although he then offered to come mow my lawns some time!!! Agghhhh.


Oh deary me. Just over a week ago I sent an email to him saying I was slightly anxious about the flirtatious nature of comments he posted to me on my walking group profile, and he replied saying that it was just a bit of fun, and what was wrong with flirting… and then he kinda ruined it by saying he will be singing “You are always on my mind” while doing his next walk, which I wasn’t going to!!! Agghhh. So I sent another email, and I mentioned something about having worries and my life being a bit turbulent… and then he replied saying that his heart is turbulent every time he gets an email from me! Maybe I made a mistake sending him another reply (though, as always, it was only friendly)… and then the latest one I sent him he has said that last night he “dreamed about me” (I daren’t ask the nature of the dream), that when I reach my “grief-free horizon he will be there to meet me”, that he is “interested in me”, and in response to me mentioning dizzy spells he says that he has a cure and he said “Am I worried; Jesus I’ve just found you!!”…. and he too has invited me to a classical concert where he wants to dance with me! Oh good grief. So I have had to send him another reply saying that I have significant worries already in my life, that I can’t cope with any more worries, and that some of his comments make me feel like a frightened rabbit in the path of an oncoming car! I wonder if that’ll do the trick? I have tried to soften the blow, saying I look forward to talking about some other things, etc. We will see…

Do all girls have these problems????

4 thoughts on “Admirers… are they worth the hassle???

  1. Nothing wrong with admirers, but only as long as it’s what you want. If their attention is more than you can cope with or – worse – starting to cross boundaries, the kindest thing is to put them straight sooner rather than later. Firmly, if need be.

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