Wednesday… is appointment day

Most Wednesdays I go to my local support group… but every four weeks just recently Wednesday gets a bit manic and this one was crazy, such that I hardly ate… and have suffered as a result with dizzy spells.

Owing to my appointments I was not in the office… though had numerous emails and calls to deal with as I transformed back into Andrea. At around midday I left home and, on the way to my first appointment, stopped at a couple of shops. In Argos I went to get Andrea’s new watch and matching bracelet adjusted, with a link taken out of each. Then went to Sainsbury’s supermarket to return a hat – I really don’t think I’m a hat girl… and it would attract too much attention.

So, my first appointment was with my Gender Essence counsellor, who I have been seeing for quite a few weeks… and this was the last appointment. I talked about all the lovely walks I have been doing, and my admirers… and she was amazed at my progress. When she asked how I felt about the admirers, that’s when the tears started – it is like it is the pinnacle of recognition for who I really want to be, and it makes me feel so special, something I don’t think I have ever felt in my life. Feel a bit scared too, my sexuality is pretty much in “No Person’s Land” at present. Near the end of the session the tears flowed again… as she handed over a letter to me that I will take to my GP, stating that I have been having sessions with her relating to gender dysphoria and she “recommends that I am referred to Dr Richard Ingram in Belfast gender clinic”. Wow!

After that appointment I popped into Tesco to go to the loo… and that was an experience in itself. Just in front of me as I went in was a younger mum with two daughters about 6 years old. She was a bit fraught with her daughters, and apologetic to me but I was patient. When I was done, I washed and dried my hands, and then I ended up having a chat with her in the loo! She looked so weary, so I said “don’t worry, it gets better when they get a bit older…” and then we started comparing my 12 year old to a 15 year old that she also has.

2nd appointment was my first at a hairdressers, the purpose was to get my duplicate wig styled, which I have not touched… and I had such fun there. Paul (Meekin), a hairdresser in Belfast, took me into his VIP room and we spent 90 minutes there, having loads of lovely chat as he gently-but-expertly snipped away. I was pretty happy with the result (though have to give it a proper outing), and he tidied up the wig I have been wearing since the start of the year too – the fringe is MUCH better now, and he has removed any lumpiness from both of them. Fab! So, from now on, I hope to have Paul do my hair – he’s wonderful at it, gave me great advice, I felt totally at ease… and he was very complimentary.

Went onto Tesco to get some groceries, where the checkout girl was really nice and we had friendly chat about the weather, then I stopped at a cafe and had a scone and cup of tea in the middle of the shopping centre floor.

My third appointment was for laser hair removal, which is done by Lynda, a LOVELY lady – if you need hair removal and live in Ireland, you MUST go to her!!! We always have really good chat. So I got my face lasered, and got her to put the setting up a notch, though it was rather painful. Then had the top of my chest done (which is visible above a camisole top), and then some of my back, all areas I got the setting put up. She showed me a video of her baby niece, and I showed her one email from both my admirers.

Then onto my last ‘appointment’ of the day, to my local support group. Firstly there was a committee meeting, where I raised the topic of derogatory posters of women being put up on the premises… much to the annoyance of the TV culprit who does not seem to empathise with someone who wants respect shown for women. Thankfully most left soon after that… to leave the three girlies to some lovely, relaxing chat.

All in all, a very busy day!

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