My admirers…. can you believe it???

I have only been properly out and about as Andrea for just over five months… and I seem to have acquired not one but TWO admires in my walking group! Can you believe it? Well, I certainly can’t. And although I am not looking for a relationship, I am enjoying the attention!

So, as per earlier posts, I encountered the first gentleman at my dinner out, and then the second one at the weekend walk just gone. So there has been a few emails and site replies flying around since!!

On Monday I had an email from each of them! The new one, Ivan, said this (abbreviated):

“…Any time u want to chill let me know and if free would love to meet up for some light hearted banter!”

And the original one, Alan, then said the following about Minnowburn, the next walk for the group that I cannot do:

“U must walk Minnowburn ‘cos I’m back with the updated BA version of the tango! For you and I to dance around the dolmen @ the Giant’s Ring!” and then added, to the other guy “But then why is my blood turning to green.”

Uhh….. gulp!

So, today I sent an email to Alan giving him a mild telling off for his online flirting in an attempt to flush out his sincerity, and also an email to Ivan about information for concerts.

Ivan emailed me back first. As regards my voice, he said this – “I was bowled over by it…… was just so soothing somehow!” Wow, huh! Considering I have not had any voice training, I can’t be doing that bad. Can I? About the concerts he wrote this (well, a bit more) – “Andrea, *it would be lovely if we could do them together. Feel free to say no, but, I really do enjoy your company, well that is based on a 30 minute travel log, but you are an interesting person, I am sure of that!”. Probably wish he’d said ‘girl’ rather than ‘person’ but can’t have everything. And he signed off with best wishes and a kiss! Uh, more gulps!

Then Alan has emailed me this evening! He sounds rather sincere to me. I won’t paste the whole thing, obviously, but for example he wrote the following about me at the dinner – “I talked with a sophisticated and beautiful girl and I felt privileged to be so doing”! And in response to the walk I cannot go to he said “Yes, quite a number of people are walking Minnowburn; but a particular person is not. Well, as Joan Baez once sang, ‘Some days are diamonds, some days are rust!’ Rusty Minnowburn here we come?”

Am I getting good at this or what?!?!? Well, lots more to learn and achieve, but can’t be doing too bad, surely!

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