The clumsy twins go for coffee!

Had a fairly typical Wednesday evening – left work alas not early, took 80 minutes to completely transform back into Andrea, and left home just before 8.00pm. No time to shop before meeting Kirsty – good job I didn’t as traffic was a nightmare with Lisburn marathon. Met up at Costa Coffee for a drink and chat – I had a yummy strawberry milkshake (with a fancy name, and price to match) while Kirsty had half a coffee… the other half of it ending up all over the table and her handbag. I exaggerate… and there was me nearly knocking a stack of saucers all over the floor as we queued up! Anyway, the clumsy twins had a great chat for over half an hour, and all felt good.

I headed onto Tesco for some food supplies… and ended up with a checkout girl who couldn’t hear anything I said… and I started to wonder if it was deliberate as my voice started to deteriorate, even if her eventual replies following repeats were okay. Anyway, put the shopping in the car, went back in to go to the loo at the far end of the store, then onto my support group… and was pleasantly relieved to find only Kirsty and Michelle were left (the male-dressed persons had departed) so had a nice chat with them and eventually got home at 11.50pm.

No negativity at all with my little evening out… confidence probably helped as I was REALLY pleased with my appearance – wore a perfectly summery dress I had bought in Sainsburys on Sunday that I just LOVE, accessorised with red cardy, and nude shoes. Wish I had a picture of the dress!

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