11th june – coffee with the lovely (and tall) kirsty

Had to wait a whole week before proper transformation back to the real me was possible, intervening period was painful and I was so down. But it was worth the wait, had a lovely evening out. Failed to break my transformation record though owing to clothing and shoe indecision.

First stop had to fill up the car at my local supermarket, the guy at the till was really nice and friendly, my voice was reasonable and had good bits of chat with him. He wished me a good evening. Next stop m&s loos, all good there, and so happy with my reflection.

Met up with my lovely friend Kirsty… who towered over me in her moderate heels, while I was in ballet pumps; I am six inches shorter than her unassisted by shoes. Apart from a woman with a blonde mop giving us a curious stare upon entry, the rest of the 45 minutes was a joy, two girls having a nice chat, not a bother. Left in such a good mood.

I popped to a nearby supermarket for supplies, paid at a till with a woman I’ve used before, she was just as nice as the previous time, we had good chat. Then went to my local support group and had lovely chat with Kirsty and Michelle – stayed too long (but difficult to tear oneself away from such a fun evening out), did an experiment with my girly hair that I was happy with, and eventually left.

Next day my spirits were up after the evening…. but then I caught a reflection of my male face in a mirror…. and was repulsed – it’s just plain wrong, it’s not the me I now know.


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