June 4th – My second walking group meetup

Wednesday June 4th I went on my second walk with Andrea’s new walking group… and it was just FAB!!!

First of all – new world record for transforming, from start to leaving the house was 75 minutes. Still room for improvement…

Anyway, my walk was around a reservoir called Stoneyford, near Lisburn. I got there in good time, and at the head of the road where we were to park I got a nice welcome from the leader. Once out of the car had a bit of chat with a guy in the car next to mine, then followed him and his friend to where some of the others were, where I had a nice little chat with two ladies while waiting for everyone to congregate. Once the walk started I ended up latching onto a lovely girl called Pauline who was taking one of her driver’s dogs a walk round the dam… and I ended up chatting to her for the WHOLE 50 minutes about all kinds of things; halfway round, the group of walkers that I was in took a slight wrong turning and ended up having to cross a stream – two guys helped all the girls to cross… EVEN me!!! The guy took my hand and helped me to the other side! So, we got back to the start where the cars were, and chatted with a couple of other girls for a while until everyone came back. Then someone complained that the walk was too short, so I said “So why don’t we go around again?”… AND three girls decided to come! Couldn’t believe it! So, off we went, had a lovely chat with them all, also met some fishermen along the way who didn’t seem to see anything strange in me, and further along a nice woman with a puppy who was really chatty to us all. One of the women was over 70… and even she seemed to accept me. Everyone treated me like any other woman – I have no idea whether anyone or everyone thought of me as anything other than a normal woman. Admittedly my hair was a real mess, as it was rather windy and I ended up putting on a baseball cap in absence of a woolly hat.

After the walk I went to a supermarket for a few things after changing footwear to ballet pumps and no socks – all okay there, no bother at all, including nice little chat with checkout girl. Then onto the support group with some friendly chat, and nice to see Kirsty again.

So, a pretty good evening!!! The true test will be another walk where I hopefully talk to some of the girls I have already met; one of them gave me a “like” for my comment about our walk. Am looking forward to going again. (On the group site I had three people say that it was good to see me… including the retired lady).

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